16 March 2009

Crap! There is IF in Montreal!

So it's our last night in Montreal. Mr. JB and his brother are bonding (i.e. smoking cigars and having a drink) while I catch up on the bloggosphere.

Our visit has been good. Since we've both been to Montreal quite a few times we haven't done too much touristy stuff. Saturday was spent mostly hanging out -- we went to a really good Irish pub and then out to dinner. We tried to visit a few places in Vieux Montreal, but everything was closed.

On Sunday we went to St. Joseph's Oratory which is a sight to see. We visited a exhibit on creches from around the world. I wish that I could've taken some photos because some of them were really spectacular! My favourite was from Japan and the Holy Family looked like S.anrio characters! We had a really good late lunch in Outremont (a posh French part of town), visited the Jean-Talon market where I had tire for the first time. I had learned about tire in school, but I had never had the pleasure of trying it. Basically it's maple sugar candy on a popsicle stick and it's so tasty! Then we had dinner at a friend of my brother-in-law's. His friend, M is also a teacher where he works and she has four very spirited kids. I spent most of the night laughing at their antics! I also fell in love with their miniature rabbit, Albert. I've decided that when our basement renovations are done that we are going to get a rabbit, from the pound, of course.

Today was a pretty lazy day. My BIL had to go into school to finish entering his marks and so we met him for mass at his school then the boys went for drinks while I shopped. Montreal is usually really good for shopping, but I didn't find too much stuff which is a good thing since the boys spent more on their bar tab than I did on the clothes I bought! The biggest disappointment was that I found a pair of perfect teacher shoes but I didn't notice that they were navy blue and not black. Oh well, there's always shoes back home.

Tonight we had dinner with the other members of my BIL's Jesuit community. The priests have two houses and they dine at the house where my BIL doesn't live. Dinner was very good, although the men ate so fast! It was great to finally be able to put faces to names. It's so sad that there used to be a seven storey building full of Jesuits and now there are only five of them left. There is a young guy that is a novice, so please pray for him and for all vocations to grow.

In cycle news, it's CD14 and I've had brown spotting all day. It's very strange since I haven't had any mid-cycle spotting in months! I almost didn't believe it this morning when I went to the bathroom! Since starting the C.lomid I've been ovulating much later -- around CD17 or 18 so I'm pretty confused as to why I'm spotting. I have my pre-op appointment with the doctor that is doing my surgery on Wednesday so perhaps I'll ask him what is going on. Any ideas as to why I'm spotting now?

I guess my ladyparts wanted to remind me that they were still alive and kicking, despite our little mini-vacation. Oh well, I hope that they enjoyed Montreal!

p.s. I lit a candle for all of us IF girls at St. Joseph's Oratory (thanks Duck for reminding me!!!). Anything helps, right?


  1. Who knows?! I used to brown spot every single time I ovulated (that was the endo). Glad that you enjoyed montreal, I love the oratory too (did you go to the crypt and light a candle?). I did that the christmas before our IVF cycle, I lit a candle and prayed for God to bring us our family. It felt amazing and I knew that all would be well after ( I meant to tell you before you left). So if you have time - go see the crypt!!

  2. I saw an exhibit of creches from around the world a few years ago- - my favorite was from Sweden, with the blond, blue-eyed Mary and Joseph :) But Japan was great, too!

    Thanks for lighting the candle. I'm ss about the spotting, what a drag! (Glad you found me on FB!)

  3. So glad you're enjoying your trip! I didn't know that your BIL was a Jesuit... very cool. He must be very smart. :) My hubby and I met doing the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time!

  4. I am so sorry IF is in Montreal!

    That is horrible!

    I am pumped for your pre op!! I can't wait! It is getting really close!! I love Our Lady of Japan! GORGEOUS!

  5. I had midcycle spotting up the wazoo with good ol' Clomid.

    Ah, Montreal. So glad you enjoyed it!