12 March 2009


I am so absolutely exhausted right now.

I survived report card writing and correcting and I am patiently waiting for them to return signed by my principal so I can stuff them into their envelopes. I am so relieved that they were due before the March Break! For the first time in seven years of teaching I don't have to worry about working on them (or not working on them, which was usually the case).

Last night I was at school until almost 8pm because we were interviewing the new candidates for the grade one and two jobs that have opened up. We interviewed 7 candidates and although I was a part of a panel I don't believe that the best candidates were chosen. One woman was phenomenal, but the woman that was hired to be my teaching partner next year does not speak French very well!!!! I realize that she has to be given a chance and she interviewed well, but her competence in the language really worries me. Then again I shouldn't be surprised since my current partner's French is spotty at times. I was inwardly cringing every time she mispronounced the "qu" sound during the interview. It's a pretty basic thing, but she just doesn't have the best grasp on the language!

Although I tried to push for the candidate that came in third, I was out-voted. Her interview may not have been the strongest, but I wouldn't worry about the students learning improper language! I can foresee a year of having to bite my tongue. I really hope that my apprehensions are wrong, I really do.

When I got home from the interviews I had to deal with a new member of my condo board. Mr. JB and I live in a condo townhouse and I've been president since I joined the Board of Directors four years ago. The BOD is made up of three people and it's a minimal time commitment since our complex is very small (28 units). A new member joined the board at our last AGM and he is turning out to be a jerk. He doesn't live on site, but he owns two units. He's quite well off and lives in a much more glitzy part of my neighbourhood. He has five kids in private school and I don't believe that his wife works. He's also a parishioner at our parish.

Anyhow, a claim was put through our insurance because a pipe burst in between two units. He's all in a tizzy because the condo insurance covered the cost and he is unsure why. I admit that I am not an expert, but I do have faith in the woman that manages our complex. He does not. When I got home from school last night there were over 20 e-mails from him and the manager regarding the insurance claim. Not only is he saying that the manager is incompetent, he's also saying that the BOD is inexperienced in comparison to him.

Honestly, I did not sign up for this hassle.

Mr. JB said last night that if this crazy guy wants to be a bully he can run the BOD. I really believe that we've done a good job thus far and this guy has his own agenda. I just don't understand why people get so defensive and angry when things can be worked out calmly.


I told my mom last night about my surgery. I was so worried that she would be so worried and also that she would go a bit crazy (which she is prone to do). She really surprised me by her reaction. She was so calm and her only question was why I had to go to the city. When I explained to her that the doctor that is doing my surgery is one of the best and has come highly recommended she backed off. I really think that she was worried that I would be in the hospital for a while and that she'd have to go to the city which she hates to do! She also said that I need to take as much time as possible and to not go back to work until I was completely ready. I definitely think that I will take the full two weeks off, regardless of how extensive the endo is.

I took my last dose of C.lomid on Sunday and I feel almost no pain. I've been getting strange painful twinges, but they've been fleeting. Thank God.

I really can't wait to be on vacation. We're leaving for Montreal tomorrow after school and I am so looking forward to being somewhere else for a few days. Is there IF in Montreal? I hope not.


  1. First off, YAY for your Montreal vacation!!!

    I am glad your mom handled the surgery news well, it sounds like she understands and supports your decision.

    Also, congrats on getting your report cards done!

    I am sorry about the jerk on the board. Ughhh!!! maybe getting out of town will help to get it off your mind.

    Have fun!

  2. Yay! for finishing your report cards! That stinks about your new partner's French - I'll pray that she's open to learning.

    Regarding your condo's BOD - I just prayed for you and the whole situation and will continue to. I know all too well how awful it can be to have a "situation" with someone from your parish.

    Yay for your mom being calm and for deciding to take off the full 2 weeks - you deserve the rest. I feel God speaking to me through you as I was praying about whether to stay in NC for two weeks after surgery just in case - Mr. W and I thought if surgery is not that bad maybe I'll feel up to traveling around the East Coast which is something that we love to do.

    Yay for almost no pain! Have a great vacation!

  3. I can totally relate! My report cards are due next week. I've been trying hard to stay on top of my grades, but I'm sure I will be finishing them at the last minute!

    You must be SO ready for your surgery. How far will you have to drive? I'm glad that your mother reacted well. That always helps!

    You're in my prayers...

  4. Enjoy Montreal!

    Maybe you can teach your new TA French as you teach your kiddies.

    (and if you need any insurance info regarding the claim, I happen to live with an insurance broker.)

  5. See this worries me, if I know more french then a french teacher there is a SERIOUS issue! Enjoy montreal, it can be fun (and no there is no IF in montreal - jsut don't go to westmount where there are lots and lots of babies - rich babies).

  6. It must feel great to have the report cards done! I'm glad your mom reacted so well to the surgery, too!

  7. Hey JB -- we had a whole convo about you - really to you - on my blog!!!

    Have fun in Montreal!