1 March 2009

Change is good

I don't like change. I really don't. But the little voice inside my head has been telling me that I really need to re-vamp my look.

I've had long hair most of my life. In 1995 when I broke up with my high school boyfriend I cut my hair super short. After my family and friends pressuring me to grow it back, it's been long ever since. My dad even stopped talking to me for two weeks because he was so upset about my hair being short which is strange since my mom's hair is short!

So this photo is the before shot. I actually got three inches cut off in the fall and my hair was much longer in the summer. You can't tell in this photo but my ends are pretty crunchy.

I love my hairdresser. He actually attended my wedding as a date of a friend from university. I had to "divorce" my former hairdresser because she just didn't pay attention to me. I was so fed up with telling her visit after visit that I was a teacher and that my husband was too AND that she just wasn't attentive when I went to the salon. She would always overbook herself and then I would just wait and wait. I have to drive to another city to get my hair cut (about 25 kms away), but he's totally worth it. I also love that it's an A.veda salon. I really can't stand artificial smells and the A.veda products are so nice.

I've spent the recent past growing out my bangs and I knew that I was ready to take the step of cutting my hair shorter. I was pretty nervous and T was so understanding. I was ready to go above the shoulder but he said that we were going to go slowly. He didn't want me to burst into tears in the salon if the cut was too short! So he cut it just below the shoulders and I love it!

I washed my hair last night and the ends are a bit flippy so it doesn't look as good as it did at the salon, but I bought a hair straightener today with points I get from the drug store and I'm going to use it tonight when I wash my hair again. I'm actually even thinking that I can go shorter!

I told my class on Thursday that I was going to get my hair cut and one of them said, "Madame what if we don't recognize you on Monday?" I started to laugh. Can they be any cuter?

In cycle news, it's Peak +14 today. I've been absolutely exhausted (I took a three hour nap after we had our post-mass brunch!!) and my boobs are so achy. Aurelia suggested that I try using progesterone supplements if I make it so far after ovulation. I have some progesterone lozenge-thingies that expired in December. Would it hurt anything if I take some tomorrow? I took my last HCG shot on Wednesday. I can't remember how many days after the last shot that AF is supposed to come.

What do you think?

p.s. If you want a photo of how my hair looks from the front send me an e-mail and I can send you a photo!


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! It looks velvety in the after shot. So healthy! Just reminded me that I'm in desperate need of a cut... I haven't had a trim since, oh.. November or even earlier.

  2. I too have really really long hair I'm reluctant to cut. But your stylist did a lovely job from what I can see. :)

    hCG apparently takes max. 10 days to leave your system. So when can you POAS?

  3. I not only want a front shot, I want to see the new cut in person.

  4. Your hair looks really nice. I'd love to see the front :)

  5. How did I miss this! Is that your natural hair color? Your hair is so shiny and lustrous!!! It's beautiful! I would love to see it from the front! :)