1 January 2009

JellyBelly Resolutions

I'm not the resolution-making type. Perhaps it's because I think I'm already too hard on myself, perhaps I'm just too lazy. I'm thinking that it's a combination of both. I've spent most of the day lazing around and reading my Christmas present from my brother-in-law (the new Wally Lamb book, The Hour I First Believed) and taking naps: all-in-all the best way to ring in a new year.

We had a low-key New Year's Eve celebration. We went over to a friends' place (childless, thank God!), had lots of yummy food, delicious dessert (it was the perfect excuse to try the vegan cheesecake I saw at my favourite organic food store) and played T.rivial P.ursuit. We had planned to stay the night, but my BIL wanted to go home and sleep in his own bed so we headed back to my FIL's house. The highlight of the evening, besides the cheesecake, was having M.oet et C.handon champagne at midnight. I've only had it once when I was living in Paris and was celebrating the recent engagement of a colleague. The setting was a lot more romantic -- we were at Le Select, where Hemingway used to have French onion soup, but I do have to say that I preferred last night's company.

So instead of looking back at 2008, I'm going to look ahead at 2009 and make some resolutions that I believe that I can keep. Here goes:

1) I'm going to brush my teeth every night, and perhaps even floss.
2) I will go to sleep in my bed, rather than fall asleep on the couch and wake up at 3am and go to my bed. It's so hard when the living room couch is crazy comfy!
3) I will try not to lose my mind during my basement and kitchen renos. Additionally, I will try not to stress out about how much money we will be spending to do the said renos.
4) I will continue to do yoga. Does that count as a resolution since I practice regularly already?
5) I will try not to use shopping as therapy. I will also stay away from eBay. If I do visit eBay it will be for essentials like A.veda shampoo and conditioner or presents for Mr. JB.
6) I'm going to read more. Since I started teaching grade 1 my leisure reading has only involved picture books. I really need to visit the public library more as well.
7) I will spend less time on F.acebook. I'm addicted and I really shouldn't be.
8) I will try to cook dinner at least once a week. I'm certain when the kitchen renos are done I will be inspired to cook more. Then again, my hubby is an awesome cook so if he wants to continue cooking who am I to argue?
9) I will be better at filing our paid bills and other papers. My home office is an absolute disaster. When everything gets moved to the finished basement all of the disorganization is going to stop. I promise.
10) I'm going to positive about my infertility. After I see the specialist on the 22nd I'm sure that I will have more answers (and hopefully a date for my surgery). Although it's taken a LONG time to get to the point of having my lap, I have not compromised my beliefs of my ethics to get here. I'm following the path that I'm supposed to, and hopefully 2009 will bring me closer to being a mom.

I love the possibility of a new year, it doesn't have the crappy baggage like the old one does. Although I have no idea what lies in store for us, I'm excited to see what is to come.

So there it is folks. We'll have to see at the end of 2009 if I keep to my promises.

Happy New Year to all of you!


  1. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you for following your beliefs and not compromising on them.

    I hope 2009 is your year.

  2. Those all sound so excellent! Way to go!

    Ok, so I know I'm not helping much with the whole f.acebook addiction thing, but could you email me over at my blog and I'll give you my info so we can be friends?! I just started, and was hoping to find all of my favorite blog gals, except I don't know many of your names!

  3. What is different about Facebook and your blog? Is it because you just don't socialize with infertiles but other people? Just curious. I would be able to connect with so many people if I got on facebook but I don't need another addiction? ahhh

    I would teach you how to do alterations in a heart beat. The waist alterations are so easy, I learned from my alterations lady. Also the way she used to do them if I ever 'gained' weight I could easily take them out. :) I wish at least one of my blog friends lived with in 2 hours of me. :(

  4. Happy New Year to you, too, JB!

    I've found a computer sabbath (i.e. a whole day during which the computer stays off) has helped me with various internet addictions over the year. I was amazed how much calmer I felt away from the screen...

    I hope 2009 brings you your greatest wish, too!