29 January 2009


We just got home from a visit with our fabulous Dr. T. Not only did we have the shortest wait ever, we also had a very productive visit. She's pleased that my lap has been booked for April 7th, especially since it's during Holy Week. She is also very happy that my hormone levels were great this month! My progesterone was 89.7 (at least that's what I think was on the lab report) and my estrogen levels were also really good. Apparently my levels for December were much lower and that this cycle was perfect!

I've never had a perfect cycle before! Woohoo!

She was going to do a procedure on my cervix to help alleviate all of the 10SL (shiny, with lubrication) days after my peak day, but she didn't want to today because it's peak +15 and I haven't gotten my period yet. If my chart is correct I ovulated on day 17 of my cycle. I'm trying very, very hard not to get my hopes up, and she didn't want to do a urine test since she didn't want to get a false positive (even though the last HCG shot was last Saturday).

I definitely couldn't handle a false positive at this point.

So I'm crossing my fingers, toes, eyes and everything else I can to make it until Saturday for my Peak +17 blood test. Dr. T said that she'd get the results by Monday and that she would call me. If I make it that far I'm totally going to buy a POS test so I can know for myself.

The only symptoms I have right now are sore boobs, extreme tiredness, a little bloating, and a little nausea. I also feel all of these symptoms when I'm PMSing, so at this point I have no idea what is going on.

I'm trying to prepare myself for disappointment and every time I go to the bathroom I'm preparing myself to see Aunt Flo rear her ugly head. The disappointment is almost easier to take then feeling optimistic. I spent the first year of TTC getting my hopes up every month and then having them dashed over and over again.

Cross your fingers and say your prayers. Could this be it?

p.s. We had a fantastic dinner last night at our local French restaurant. My dinner was DELICIOUS!!!! I had my favourite foie gras appetizer and mussels and fries for dinner. Yum! It was also a day off of school for the kids and we had a workshop at school to do, but the weather was bad so we were sent home early! Mr. JB also got me a beautiful chain for a cross pendant that he got me a few years ago (the chain it came with kept on breaking so I needed a better quality one so I could wear it) and a set of R.ubbermaid containers for my lunch (we're always fighting over the containers in our house and he promised that he would not touch my new red-topped ones! And to top it off he hid a trashy magazine (yes girls, I love reading US!) under my pillow so I got one last present before I went to bed.

My hubby is the best!

p.p.s. I bought legwarmers today. I figure we've gotten about 15 cm of snow in the past two days and I deserve to have warm calves!

p.p.p.s. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes!


  1. Fingers crossed. I really hope that lap needs to be cancelled.

    I am glad your bday was great!!

  2. Happy birthday and I hope that it is a memorable one!