13 January 2009

Coming Clean & I love K!!!

Ever since I found out that my next step was surgery, I've been procrastinating about telling my principal about it. I don't like taking time off, especially this year when I'm out at least once a month for planning meetings (since I'm teaching in a pilot program, I have to plan with a team). I've taken no time off despite getting sick so many times since September.

Since I'm a French Immersion teacher supply teachers are hard to come by. Lucky for me I have a French-speaking friend that subs full-time now that she has three kids. She's come in for me every time I've been away and my class absolutely loves her. She knows the routine, the kids names and I never worry about how the day is going since she's fantastic. I know that I shouldn't worry about who will be in my class when I'm off for my surgery. I'm also trying not to worry about how long I'm going to be off (I'm estimating around 2 weeks). My job is way to demanding to just take the minimal amount of time AND I'm not sure what the surgeon is going to find. I took a week off of school the first time I had a cyst rupture, I can only imagine how long I'll need after surgery!

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand.

I mustered up the courage to talk to my principal today while my class was at gym (I'm so grateful that I don't have to teach gym!) and as soon as I crossed the threshold of his office I burst into tears. I'm pretty prone to crying, regardless of the time of month, so I figured that it was going to happen. Since my principal is a man, I was pretty nervous about how much information to tell him. In between sobs I told him that we've been trying to get pregnant for a LONG time, that we went to an infertility clinic that sucked, but now we have an AWESOME Catholic doctor. I also told him that I would be having my surgery at a top-notch Catholic teaching hospital in the city. After he gave me some kleenex and waited for me to calm down, he showed me a photo of his parents and siblings. Apparently his mother was told after the birth of her first child (my principal's oldest sister) that she couldn't have any more children. She proceeded to have 6 more.

I guess he shared this information to help me have hope, which worked. I also know from one other teacher that I've confided in, that his own wife has had fertility issues. He's the dad to four kids and he's very family oriented. I also think that he was impressed that I actually walk the Catholic talk -- there are very many Catholic teachers that work in Catholic schools for convenience AND they also resent teaching religion, but this is not the place for that rant! Mr. JB also reminded me that my principal seems to genuinely like me so the fact that I came clean about all of my absences just adds to my credibility.

Needless to say, I feel so relieved that I finally told him. Now I won't have to worry that he's thinking that I'm a slacker when I take days or afternoons off for appointments!

On a happier note, I'm finally free of the desert! I've seen nice, clear stretchy CM today! I'll be able to write 10KL AD on my chart today! I was so worried that I wasn't ovulating since in previous cycles I usually see clear stretchy mucus (10KL or 10CKL) from day 12. My guess is that I ovulated today or will in the next day or so. I'm thinking the 10KL that I saw on Saturday was from not doing enough kegels after getting busy. Ooops!!!!

Only 9 days until my appointment. I never thought I would be so excited to see yet another doctor, but I am!


  1. I am so glad your principal was so supportive. Sounds like a weight lifted off your shoulder!

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you let go of the burden and the other person catches it so magnificently? Kudos to your principal for being so receptive and to you for getting the courage up to talk to him. I've found that it's been really helpful to have my boss in the loop. Feeling like you have to sneak around work on top of everything else with IF is just no fun.

    And, best of luck on the surgery - many, many good thoughts are heading your way. I'm glad that you found a doctor and hospital that you are so comfortable with. Progress!

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  4. 10KL ALL DAY!!!??? Something is wrong with me! AYWH charted 3x. I have to literrally jump up and down, run around the house, sit, stand and TMI wipe until I am raw! WHAT is going on!!!

    I don't want to shine the worse case scenario on what was a good day. but there is a possibility you could be out longer. I am so sorry. I didn't really want to say it!!! I went back to work two weeks too early but that is because I was able to wear lounge clothes and my job is easy, not demanding.

    But what happens if you have endo on your bowel or colon???? Then you get stuck going through the hell I went through! UGG!!! I am praying that is not the case. But I do know you will feel like a new woman afterwards. I will stop dwelling. :) Sorry. :*(

    btw-I love that your principal shared his mother's story with you. That is HUGE, especially coming from a man. (No I am not a man hater.) hehehe But I think you know what I mean!!

  5. Oh, that is such a sweet story!! I love it when the people you least expect to be able to relate are often the first to give you their empathy. Your principal sounds really great.
    I am so excited for your appt!! I'll be counting down the days!

  6. It's good you're letting yourself rest and recover. After my lap, I only needed about four days to get back to normal, but with your profession, you're right: You need to be better than just okay to return to the classroom.

    Get some good videos, make sure to eat lots of fiber beforehand (or use stool softener), and pack something light and tasty for after the procedure. I also brought along a pillow to put between my tummy and the seatbelt on the ride home. It made things a lot more comfy.

    Huge hugs!

  7. I am glad coming clean went well.

    I hope this is just the beginning of good things coming your way.

  8. Can you have an epidural when you use a mid-wife? Are they in a hospital? Or are you going to delivere in a pool at your house! hahahahaha Just wondering...I believe in drugs-especially epidurals. For now anyway! I suffered enough getting this child here, if I can avoid physical labor pain upon that childs entrance I will be in good shape! :)

  9. Yay! I'm glad to hear that you were given so much support from your principal. I had a similar experience - I was so nervous to tell my boss (the Associate Head of the school) even though we have a good relationship. Sometimes you just never know!

    When is your surgery date?

  10. Whew!! Must feel much better to have that off your chest! What a blessing to have such a supportive principal. Sometimes men can be more empathetic than women, huh? Crazy, I know, but that is sometimes how it plays out!

    I can't wait for your surgery! I am sure you will have more answers then!!!

  11. hey hope your doctor is great and meets all your expectations, hoping that you can get an appointment soon to have the lap) oh and it really doesn't take long to recover from a lap at all, within a week you'll be good to go back to work (I felt great the very next day from my first lap, and they found stage IV endo). Now my big surgery (laporotomy) was a different story.

  12. I'm so glad the talk went well -- isn't it a relief when people are kind?

    I'm thinking the best thoughts for you for this surgery...



  13. Did you get my letter? ;)

    I am so glad we aren't the only ones! Sometimes we just don't have it in us. What can you do???? ;) Making a baby shouldn't be that bad...hahaha!

  14. Thank you for your warm welcome. And a big YEA! for getting the talk with your principal out of the way. I'm glad it went well. You're in my prayers for a successful surgery and a quick recovery.