7 January 2009

15 000 Reasons

I know that resolution number 3 for 2009 was to not stress out about how much we're spending on our basement renovations, but we just signed the papers this evening and we will be spending the next 60 months paying back our loan. I stressed out like this when we bought our house, and then when we refinanced our mortgage a year later. I've always stressed out about money even though I've always had enough to live on -- and in the recent past, some play money.

Don't worry, I'm very grateful that I am well-compensated for my job, as is Mr. JB. I'm also very relieved that my union settled on a fantastic contract late last year. Heck, we even have money in our savings account and zero balances on our credit cards!

When we bought our townhouse almost four years ago I knew that finishing the basement was a priority. I pictured a basement full of toys and space for my kids to play in, room for my office, a big TV, and a beautiful laundry room. We wanted to get it done as soon as we moved in, but reality set in and we also had a wedding to pay off so it just wasn't in the cards.

So now that we got our big European vacation out of our system our priority has become making our house a better place to live. I've really been pushing Mr. JB to move, but with the housing market being what it is we wouldn't get the best money for our home right now. We've also been banking on getting pregnant really soon (hah!) so having a bigger mortgage would be something really stupid to take on.

I know that home renovations are only going to make our house better. It's a good investment, unlike the numerous pairs of black boots that I've acquired in the past few weeks. The renovations will also make us more money in the future. I've been telling myself all of these things, but I'm still all tied up in knots about being $15 000 in debt.

Honestly, what am I going to do when I finally do get pregnant and we're down to one income and a fraction of my salary from maternity leave? There will definitely be no more black boots then!

In a few months when I'm happily blogging from my beautiful basement I know that I will feel silly that I was so stressed out. We can definitely afford the payments and if I stop with the shopping therapy we won't even feel the difference. We saved like fiends to go on our trip for two years, so we can be good and pay off our basement.

And I'm not going to let myself worry about what we're going to do when I'm on maternity leave!


So I'm thinking that I've caught some strange stomach bug. I had a planning meeting at my school board today and I was an hour late because my belly was just miserable. I don't want to be too graphic, but I made quite a few trips to the bathroom in a very short time.


I don't think that it's my colitis because the pain was very, very different from past flare-ups. Can endo cause gastro-intestinal distress? I'm on day 10 of my cycle and I haven't had any brown spotting since Sunday. I don't usually associate stomach pain with my ladyparts, but now that endometriosis is on the table, I'm a little suspicious.

Honestly, I can't wait until my appointment with Dr. I on the 22nd. I really hope that many of questions will be answered. Perhaps a lot of my stomach pain hasn't been related to my colon after all! Now that would be great!


  1. Hey Jellybelly,
    I can also get really stressed out about $$. It can definately be very overwhelming to take on a loan that size. But keep in mind that the Lord will provide. Since we have started to tithe, each month surprisingly works out.

  2. I also pictured a basement full of toys. But it is just full of boxes. I hope the renos go well and they are over fast!

  3. JB is this your first appointment with Dr. I? if so i'd make sure with both offices (Dr. T and Dr. I) that they have your file on hand. I was quite disappointed when i found out he didn't have my file when i met with him.

    BTW, I'm still waiting to hear back from his office.

    Good luck with your appointment I hope you get all the answers you need, remember to write everything down (all your questions etc..)

  4. Can endo cause gastro issues (insert loud loud laughing noises). Yes, at least in my case, and especially around ovulation time (hey maybe your o'ing go have sex).

  5. Money stresses me out, too! And, yep, I had gastro issues with endo, too. (Just found out two weeks ago--reading over my doctor's shoulder--that endo was removed from my intestines. I was sure I had it there, but must have missed that part of the post-op discussion!)

  6. I would love to sit and talk with you about how ENDO gave me horrible intestine pain and I had no clue it was endo. I will save you the gory details. But yes and most doctors treat endo intestine pain as IBS etc....Come to find out. Now that I know what being "regular" is like I had a horrible case of IBS. :) Oh the pain was horrible too and it didn't have a rhyme or a reason. I hope you don't have to have a bowel resection...........I hope I am not scarying you.

    I will email you when I get home. I am going to post office on Saturday-But I need your add.... :)

    In my barenness I started collecting Coach purses! I can't get enough! ;) But that is my husbands fault! :)

  7. I hope your stomach feels better soon, my poor friend!

    Just a thought: You mention being anxious (understandably) about taking on a big financial commitment, and then your stomach goes insane. Could there be a connection?

    Can't wait to hear more about your reno as it progresses.

  8. $ is a huge stressor for me, as well. I've noticed that when I need it most, God somehow provides. So just trust!
    I can't wait for your appt! It's on the same date as the March for Life in Washington, DC- which I think is a great coincidence :)