30 January 2009


As in spotting.

It was all too good to be true. 

I'm sure AF will be here momentarily. 

Oh well, there's always next month.

Hah! [insert sarcastic laugh here]


  1. Brown sucks!! :(
    But you ovulated!! You have an appointment for your surgery and this year will be good to you!!

  2. I hate brown or red!!

    When will any of us get 9 more months of dry????


    Try and focus on all the good things ahead for you. I have NO doubt about that.

  3. this sucks, but, once you know about the endo you can work forward, build a plan! Also there are things you can do to help with endo (diet stuff)...

  4. That really stinks. At least you have a plan!

  5. I'm ss :( I missed your post before this one, so didn't even know you were close to testing. Bummer.

    But I'm glad you had a nice dinner out the other night! I never liked foie gras, even though my DH forced me to try it a few times... I can do pate, but foie gras is too, IDK, liver-y for me :) I'm glad you enjoy it, though!

  6. I agree BROWN SUCKS!!!


  7. I'm so sorry hon...

    Look, next time you might be close like this, just an idea? My progesterone would be great some months, and then drop anyway at like day 15 or so, so maybe think about still taking the progesterone and getting a blood test for the hcg level? It will show a high or low level and you can stop it or keep taking progesterone from there.

    If I hadn't kept taking progesterone throughout my pregnancies, my last two kids would not exist. Truly.

  8. Brown is always a "what the h*ll." But ovulation is really good. I've been reading through your blog and I love the way you can put onto "paper" so many emotions and thoughts that run through my own head. Hope you don't mind I join you.

  9. Oh honey :( Sending you squishy hugs xxx