1 February 2009


I wish that I was blogging about French bread.

Instead of waxing bloggofic (does that make sense?) about the birthday party that I threw myself last night -- yes folks, I throw myself a birthday party every year, check out the rundown of 33's celebrations here -- I'm suffering through the most horrible cramps.

Honestly, wasn't getting my period this month enough????

I cannot remember the last time I had cramps this bad. I get them, I've always gotten them. It was so bad in high school that my family doctor suggested to my very superstitious, traditionalist Catholic mom that I should be put on the pill. To which my mother answered, "I don't think so doctor. No way. Don't you have strong painkillers instead?" More than once she would leave for work and find me facedown in my bed at the end of the day because the pain was so bad.

I've taken the suggested amount of extra strength I.buprofen, I have a heating pad on my belly AND I took a LONG nap, but I'm still suffering.

I can't help but let my mind wander to the possibilities as to why my cramps are so bad right now. Is the endo? Was I actually pregnant for a brief time and am I miscarrying? I have no idea about the latter postulation since home pregnancy tests have been banned from my house.

I won't let myself even fantasize about what could've been if I made it to the Peak +17 blood draw. I was so disappointed to get my period on Friday, but I'm used to dealing with disappointment. I am so glad that I had my party to distract myself from being sad. I'm also relieved that only my best friend brought her kids (who absolutely worship me so that's okay. I picked up her son and he rubbed my face and said, "Auntie JB, I missed you." Then he gave me a huge kiss. Melt my heart!). My friends with babies either had babysitters or just didn't come. I do have a suspicion that one of my girlfriends may be on her 2WW since usually has a drink or two when she comes over, and last night she didn't even have one. I'm almost sure that we'll get that announcement soon enough.

My best friend and her family are coming back for the Superbowl tonight. The Steelers are my hubby's favourite team so he's pretty pumped. At mass this morning he kept on whispering to me that he was so nervous. Honestly, my husband is so cute sometimes! When they won in 2006 he cried like a baby. He didn't even cry at our wedding! Then again, neither did I. When I got to the top of the aisle with my parents I started to tear up, but I shook the tears off because I didn't want to look ugly in my pictures! I'm an ugly crier!

I shouldn't complain too much about the cramps though. Mr. JB feels sorry for me and he's cleaned up most of the post-party mess and he's even started dinner. He said earlier in the week that he wasn't going to set foot in the kitchen, but because I'm doubled over, he's taking care of me, yet again!

Do any of you have any foolproof pain remedies? I'm desperate at this point.


p.s. Check this out. This story really makes me angry. On so many levels.


  1. If it's endo here are the helpful hints for during the period NO MILK or milk products or wheat. And try and increase good fats like fish and primrose oil, it helps block the bad fats (milk increases the pain factor). That being said my pain used to be so bad that the only thing that worked was several gravol as if i was asleep I wasnt in pain... sorry to hear that your feeling pain, pain is a sign of endo. LE sigh, so wish you didn't have this. check out the endometriosis diet (oh I have a copy of this book and i've already read it - so you can have my copies of endo books!).

  2. Oh yes it is the endo!! I felt like I was reading my story post surgery! Aleve was my drug of choice but I always took about 4 tablets. Might have been a lot but it didn't matter. Usually my cramps would wake me up in the middle of the night so I was 1/2 asleep! I am so sorry! Just think after April this pain will be gone. I don't get that kind of pain anymore. These past few months after surgery have been uncomfortable but nothing like before. Just the type of healing pain you know will be over with. Just wait til after surgery. I can't wait for you to feel that unbound feeling. I can't wait for you to feel free! I am so excited for you!!!

  3. Why does that story make me think that women are blessed for doing something so wrong.

    How can you deny life and get it in abundance at the same time?

    Makes me want to go on the pill just for the hell of it!!!!!!!!

  4. I am SOOO sorry about your pain!

    Thankfully you have a surgery just around the bend to nip it in the bud... I hope its not endo, but if it is, getting it out's the best plan for you!

    I say don't be afraid to medicate. Before my surgery I couldn't get out of bed it was so bad. My drug of choice was 800 mg ibuprofren (with food, of course).

  5. Hope you start feeling better soon honey. Definitely sounds like the endo though, it's a b*tch!

  6. Have you tried taking naproxen? I have some if you want to give it a shot. I find it helps a bit.

  7. Argh! It's so nasty to get slammed with a BFN after getting your hopes up a bit, only to have it followed by painful cramps.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Oh, you poor dear! I am praying that April 7th gets here IMMEDIATELY for your sake. I know that surgery will bring you some much-needed relief of these symptoms.

    As for that story. Hm. Maybe we should all go on the pill. Maybe that's why we're not pg.

  9. I wish I had some foolproof pain remedy... I'd be rich and pain free! That article upset me on many levels as well. Thanks for the offer of the recipe. I'll e-mail you tomorrow. Hang in there and I hope you're feeling better. Blessings, LA