19 February 2009

Adventures In (No) Antibiotics

So Mr. JB went to the pharmacy on his way home from having a drink with a buddy this evening. Our pharmacist knows us really well since I am on so many different medications. Lucky for me I called my hubby on his cell phone as he was talking to the pharmacist and he was told that the antibiotics were for a bladder infection.

Now, I've had quite a few bladder infections in my lifetime. In university I went through many, many tests because I was getting them so often. I had an MRI and ultrasounds, and my doctor couldn't figure out what was going on. The coolest thing about going through all of the testing was that my doctor discovered that I have an accessory spleen attached to one of my kidneys!

Anyhow, I know what a UTI feels like. I've had the uncontrollable urges to pee and I've had the pain. I have none of those symptoms. I haven't seen blood in my urine. So I told my hubby to tell the pharmacist that I didn't want the prescription filled. The pharmacist, who is super-thorough, said that he would log the prescription for me just in case my symptoms get worse. We brought the urine sample to the lab almost two weeks ago and I haven't felt ANYTHING.

I know that I can't die from a UTI. And most of all, I'm sure that all of the antibiotics that I've been on have caused the never-ending illness that I had before Christmas. I'm also so sick of having to take a TON of medication every day. Between the baby-making meds, my colitis and asthma meds AND the stuff from my naturopath, my house looks like an apothecary!

So what do you think folks, is it okay that I didn't get the prescription filled?


  1. I would actually call the clinic and ask them what they found. And tell them you know your body and don't feel you have a bladder infection and want to know why they want you to take the drugs. Because maybe there is something else there that the antibiotics need to treat.

  2. ITA with My Reality. I hesitate to just say, "naaah, don't take them" when it comes to something like infection. I have a feeling FJIEJ will say the same thing, after the massive infection-killing binge we just went through together before the holidays :)

  3. well the pharmacist said that it was for a UTI. i definitely don't feel like i have one and i gave my urine sample almost two weeks ago.

    isn't blood in the urine a common endo thing?

  4. I would take them. Right now antibiotics are my best friends. Also, Dr. Toth thinks that all cancers are caused by infection and my mom had bladder cancer so I will forever wanted antibiotics. Not to be an alarmist!

  5. So easy to diagnose ourselves isn't it? I say call the dr. T's office and tell her your concern. she's the one that prescribed it right?

  6. Yeah, find out what's up from the clinic. Then go with your gut: If you're sick of the antibiotics, wait for a bit.

    As someone who despises taking antibiotics, I completely understand your hesitation.

  7. I come from a different perspective on antibiotics, since they are to blame for my mother's horrible c-diff. It makes you look at them as the enemy, that's for sure. She is a nurse and since she got sick she doesn't want any of us going on antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary.

    That being said, I think calling your doctor's office is the best bet.