10 February 2009

The Miracle of Reiki

I always say that I will try anything once. Really, what do I have to lose, right?

So my wonderful chiropractor's office was doing a promotion for free Reiki treatments and I had my first session yesterday after school. I have nothing but respect for my chiropractor, who I credit with saving me from a life of chronic back and shoulder pain. I knew that if she had a Reiki practitioner in her office that it wasn't just some strange hocus pocus.

For those of you that don't know know, Reiki works with the body's energy. K, the practitioner, used her hands on various parts of my body to help bring the healing energy to the area. K also told me that she can feel what other people feel in their bodies, which is why she decided to practice Reiki.

K started the treatment by putting her hands on my feet and then she went directly to my stomach. At that point I hadn't said anything about IF or endo, but she just knew that my lower stomach area needed focusing on. I told her that it was very interesting that she was drawn to my reproductive organs because of my impending surgery as well as our struggles to get pregnant. I also told her that my instincts knew that there was something wrong, but it took four doctors to finally diagnose me with endo as well as low progesterone.

Once again I feel even more confident that my surgery is going to bring us the answers that we need. I can't remember if I mentioned that my naturopath did testing and something that came up as a concern was my endometrium. Honestly, all signs seem to point to endo! The question is: How bad is it going to be?

The Reiki treatment left so energized. When I arrived at the clinic I was so exhausted. We had just celebrated the 100th day of school and I made 82 Cheerio and Fruit Loop necklaces with grade ones all day! I could feel waves of energy in certain parts of my body -- particularly my heart and my head (which I think is because of my wisdom tooth. Btw, my tooth basically stopped hurting after the treatment!). I also saw different colours which K says are related to the various chakras.

K also, very generously, said that after my surgery that she'll come to my house to do a Reiki treatment to help with the healing process. I'm also thinking that it would be a good idea to book a treatment before my surgery as well.

I don't know if Reiki is going to help me get pregnant, but I certainly felt so good afterwards. And really, that can't hurt, right?


I'm going to the dentist after school to deal with my crowning wisdom tooth. I'm pretty scared since I haven't been in over two years. I told my hygienist that we were TTC and every time I had my cleaning she brought it up. I really didn't want to have to talk about being infertile with someone every six months! I really hope that the dentist has a solution for me, teething at 34 isn't fun at all!


  1. I'm all for treatments that make you feel good (for a change). Unlike the dentist, which I hope went smoothly.

  2. Any way she can come down here and help me out???
    It sounds amazing, by the way. I think anything that helps to relax your body is good for you, especially before surgery, a time when you might be feeling anxious.

    I am SO excited for you to finally have definitive answers soon!

  3. Teehting at 34! I love it!

    Gosh, I felt the same way when I went to accupuncture! My accupuncturist (this sounds new agey) had such a peaceful calm energy about her! What I didn't like is that she would tell me to release my negative energy into the earth for the earth to reproduce it into good energy! hahahaha!! I prayed the rosary when she left the room!

    I felt some cold waves run though my body, but I didn't have as cold of feet when I was having accupuncture.

    She was the one that told me I didn't have a normal period and I had a luteal phase defect. :) I didn't investigate it until a while after her and I decided I just needed to take a break from IF.

    Anyway, that is great it is working for you!!

  4. I like Reiki, too. My sister practices it for animals (no kidding!), and she has helped my pets tremendously, especially when my cat had a blockage in his urethra.
    I haven't had a specific treatment for IF, though. My MIL does Gin-Shin J'yitzu or however you spell it, and that seems to help, too. I'm a fan of all those healing things.

    I know what you mean about the dentist. I had to have a big convo at my last consult (I was thinking about Invisalign), because the questionnaire asked if I was pg, and I was in the 2WW so didn't know.

  5. I hate the dentist. I would rather have a pap than go to the dentist. I hate the questions everytime I am there - pregnant yet?

    I think Reiki sounds cool. Can you send me her name? I may just have to try it.

  6. I've had Reiki done before during massages, and found it very energising. I'm glad you found something to help you out.

    I think this surgery is a big step in the right direction

  7. I have a friend who does Reiki and I've never had her give me a treatment. I guess I was kind of skeptical, but your experience gives me second thoughts. I'm so glad it was an energizing experience for you.

  8. I've always wanted to try Reiki. Sounds amazing -- and healing!

  9. Glad I found your blog tonight! My name is Maria, I'm forty two, and married for a year and a half. Hubby and I have been TTC since our wedding day. Last year I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage four. I had one surgery, but my new napro doctor says they didn't do a good job removing the endo because I still have a lot of pain during my cycle. I have an appointment with a new surgeon in early March. We are praying he will agree to do the surgery and check my tubes also.

    I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. You and hubby are in my thoughts and prayers for some good news soon! I will remember you and your intentions in my daily rosary.

    When you get a chance, I'd love to invite you to visit my blog.


    May God Bless you and hubby!

    Maria In Mass

  10. Reiki is great and can never hurt, so you might as well go with it! I have had clients in your position who have used reiki, acupuncture, chinese herbs, and pilates to great success. The pilates helps "heat the oven".