7 February 2009

Migrating pain

So the suspected cyst pain is dulling and since my period was only six days long (the shortest period of red stickers on my chart EVER!!!), my cramps have said goodbye until next month. My crowning wisdom tooth is still bothering me -- so much so that I made an appointment for the dentist AND I got some A.nbesol to dull the pain. I have to ask this again: how do babies deal with getting teeth????

And to top it all off, instead of going to 8am yoga this morning, I woke up with a splitting headache. Actually, we both woke up with headaches, something that has never happened! I downed two ibuprophen, had breakfast and had some potato chips (for some reason salty foods have helped my headaches), but the pain is still lingering above my eyes. I think that the headache is being caused by the barometric pressure. We've just finished a horrible cold snap and the temperature has jumped over 20C! According to the news it's 7C outside which is crazy because the kids were kept in because of the frigid temperatures.

I really wish that my body wasn't so sensitive to the weather. Honestly, ever since I was a young teenager I could predict the weather because of my bad right shoulder. Judging from the headache pain I'm experiencing right how, we're going to get rain, and lots of it.

So yesterday I was finishing up a lesson in Family Life -- it's a component of the Religious Education program and the curriculum talks about friendships, families and sexual education from a Catholic perspective. The past couple of weeks have focused on a couple named Domenic and Sara. We see them meet, date, marry and then announce that they're going to have a baby. Yesterday's lesson involved talking about how parents get ready for a baby's arrival. My class was especially excited yesterday because they got textbooks to follow along with. Really, can grade one be any cuter????

So many of the drawings of Sara and Domenic showed the baby growing in her uterus -- the baby's special home for nine months (One of my students said that a woman is pregnant for three days! So funny!). It was a difficult lesson to get through, more difficult than when I've had to teach about how babies are made with older students. I imagined before we got married that we would be like the people in my Family Life textbook: meet, get married, have a baby. I've never heard in any textbook the situation that we're in: meet, get married, try for a really long time to have a baby and try not to have a nervous breakdown every month when we find out that we're not pregnant.

Judging from the ages of some of the parents in my class, I'm certain that there have been fertility issues. My biggest problem child is adopted (I'll go into that story another time, I really don't want to get all upset on a Saturday afternoon). There are quite a few parents that are in their mid-40s and are the typical over-involved, over-worried older parents that I've dealt with in my career.

I'm not really sure how I'm going to explain my absence in April. I'm thinking that I'll just have "the flu." Really, the kiddies won't really register anything. I'm also lucky that my surgery is during Holy Week, which means Friday and Monday off. I'm not planning to tel too many people on staff, although I'll have to mention something to my evil teaching partner since she'll have to plan with my supply teacher. I've been debating about telling her a half-truth and that my surgery is for something colitis-related.

I really hope that the headache lifts so we can go to the movies. We're trying to watch most of the Oscar-nominated films and we've been planning to see "Revolutionary Road" all week, then we're going to go grocery shopping. I absolutely love grocery shopping!

I'm off to pop some more drugs. I hope that all of you are having a great Saturday!


  1. I hate headaches! Excedrin Migraine is my new drug of choice. Even if I don't have a mirgraine I take it at the slightest on set of a headache. It takes it away within minutes!

    Did you ab lib during your lesson? Add your own I think it says " infertility happens in one and 7 couples" hahahaha!

    I love grocery shopping as well!!! Oh its so much fun! For me its "guilt" free shopping!

  2. Headaches are beastly things, hope you are feeling a bit better now. I get headaches from atmospheric changes, when I'm flying or go down a big hill etc. Not fun!

  3. You get stickers for your chart???

    I think you can tell people whatever you want about your surgery in April.

  4. I'm sorry about your headaches -- you know G is getting a lot of headaches that the dentist believes is tooth related...aargggh teeth!

    I love that age -- I used to teach little ones poetry -- and they are so unfiltered...I applaud you for getting through the unit and keeping the wonder of their response to it in your heart -- that would be a challenge for me.

    I hope you feel pain-free soon!

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry you're having a migraine. They are so terrible. I hope you feel better soon.

    A three-day pregnancy? I think I did that! So A+, little guy.

  6. Oh, wow. I can totally see how that lesson would be so hard to teach, especially to the little guys. It's amazing you made it through- the Holy Spirit must have been with you during that one.

  7. In my view, its no one's business why you're out!

    Also, just as a sidenote ... I sort of wish I hadn't told so many people when I had surgeries because in the months afterward, they were ALWAYS asking whether I have "news."

    That got kind of hard after a few months passed by with no news.

    Although in your case, I am hoping for much, much better and faster results:)