17 February 2009

Dear JellyBelly

I'm trying an experiment on whether or not I can blog well AND play S.crabble. Let's see how this works out...

So nothing came out of my stress on Friday afternoon. A didn't even mention the fact that I gave her a kiss on the head. Thank God! I honestly don't think that she noticed because she was in so much pain. Whew!!! I'll have to remember my teacher brain and not my nurturer instinct more often, although it is so hard when I have such genuine affection for my students.

Yesterday we celebrated our second Family Day -- a civic holiday for most people in my province. Mr. JB and I had a great day. I made blueberry pancakes, I cleaned out some dresser drawers and my portion of the walk-in closet (which is 90% of the closet! I'm so grateful that we have three bedrooms because my hubby has most of his clothes in the guest room!). I have yet another bag full of clothes to give away, yay! In the afternoon we went for a long walk to the lake. It was a crisp and cold day, but it was so beautifully sunny. I really boosted my vitamin D content yesterday! Before I headed to yoga we watched Tropic Thunder which Mr. JB enjoyed and I absolutely hated. I actually picked up my computer and started doing searches on W.ikipedia so I didn't have to watch!

My biggest accomplishment yesterday was successfully executing a yoga pose that I usually find so difficult. I don't know the Sanskrit or English name, but essentially I had one leg wrapped around the upper part of my arm then my other leg was hooked around the other leg's ankle then I lifted myself up off the ground. I did it on both sides! I was only up for a count of 2, but I went up nonetheless. I find arm balances really challenging, mainly because I don't trust the strength of my wrists. You should've seen the HUGE smile on my face when I actually lifted myself off of the mat!

Remember how on Valentine's Day I had a movie date with a girlfriend? We really enjoyed He's Just Not That Into You. It was a really funny movie and I think that Mr. JB would've enjoyed it as well. It's a perfect date movie. Anyhow, I snuck a few peaks at my friend and she watched the movie with her arms crossed across her chest the ENTIRE time. K has been going through a difficult time relationship-wise and I'm the only friend that she's confided in about what's going on. You see K is interested in a friend of ours who is gay. She knew that he was homosexual very early on in their friendship (it's also pretty obvious, in my opinion), but they have been spending so much time together that many of our friends think that they are a couple. One of the reasons why K has been holding onto hope is that G, our gay friend, dated a woman once in his past.

I've tried many, many times to convince her to move on. I listen to her, respond to her endless e-mails about the situation and I'm just there for her. K is a great person, but she's not seeing things clearly. G has made it clear to her that he is not interested, but she is still hanging on to the minute sliver of hope that he's going to switch teams!

I know that my duty as a friend is to be patient and listen to her. The answers seem so simple to me, but I'm not caught in an impossible situation.

Onto cycle news: I'm on CD19 and Peak day (the last day of clear, stretchy CM) was on Sunday. This cycle my doctor put me on Guaifenesin which I have to take from CD11 to my Peak day, but I didn't see much of an improvement with my CM. I only had two days of 10KL (clear and stretchy CM) this cycle, although I had 5 days of 10SL (shiny with lubrication). I usually have quite a few days of 10SL every cycle and I have only one or two dry days (I have so many green stickers and so few "fake" white babies!). I'm sure it's the C.lomid's fault!

Also I've been so grumpy the past couple of days. I have no patience and I'm just so grumbly. I also can't stop eating chocolate. I'm having PMS symptoms early or the C.lomid is making me crazy. I'm betting on the latter.

Lastly, I had a message on my voicemail this afternoon from Dr. T, my Napro doctor. My naturopath mentioned that I had blood in my urine so Dr. T asked me to send in a urine sample to my local lab. Well, apparently something came up because her office called in a prescription for antibiotics. I have no idea what's wrong. I'm hoping that the pharmacist can tell me what the meds are for.

I better get back to my game of S.crabble. Mr. JB is beating me! I guess I was successful at blogging and board gaming!


  1. I hope the infection get cleared up. The clomid could definately decrease your CM and make you a little nutty. :)

  2. Dr. T is so great eh?
    I wouldn't want to be in your friend's situation, but from past experience there's nothing you can do until she decides to do something for her. Listen is all but you know that! I'm glad nothing came out of the kiss. It's so hard to not kiss or hug cute kids.
    I hope all turns out well with that prescription.

    Hope you won the board game!!

  3. I'm secretly wondering if maybe there was sign of infection in your urine? You've also had a history of lots of TEBB, right? Sounds similar to my story, so I think the antibiotics will definately be able to help you!

    I'll pray for your friend, that she may find the man who was meant for her. Ya never know, maybe this guy is the one for her, and her prayers are needed for him to "switch teams" (I know this doesn't often happen, but ya never know!)

  4. blood in the urine is comon with endo (like so common that everytime I have a bladder test they come back with "you have blood in your urine")....

  5. I was once in a similar situation as your friend, except my friend hadn't come out of the closet yet. He is actually one of my friends on Facebook now, and there is still a big part of me that cares for him more deeply than I should. It is tough, and when emotions are involved, it makes it harder.

    Clomid is just simply the drug of the devil. It has to be responsible for the early PMS.

    Since you emptied out lots of room in your closet, does that mean you get to go shopping??

  6. That sounds like Clomid, all right!

    I'm happy to hear you haven't had any trouble with your student. I agree with your last post--I think it would be weird for 6 year olds to be told they can't touch their teacher at all! I think I remember our kindergarten teacher hugging each of us as we left for the day.

    I hope the prescription helps!