4 February 2009

Hit me while I'm down, won't you?

The dangers of at work blogging.

Oh well.

So my period is basically done. I'm hoping that I'll have a seven day period like last month's "perfect cycle." But I won't hold my breath.

Not only did I have the WORST CRAMPS EVER, I now have a wisdom tooth that is crowning (my orthodontist made room for them when I had my braces, instead I had 5 molars pulled out -- ouch again!) and I woke up with a sore throat yesterday. 

Honestly, can I get sick more this school year?

Then this morning as we were leaving for work, Mr. JB announces that two more women on his staff are pregnant. I'm not so upset and jealous about one of the women who has been trying as long as we have, but the other one got married two years after us. To top it off the latter woman is complaining about her morning sickness and all of her pregnancy-related ills.


I didn't think it was going to bother me as much as it is, but after this hellish period I'm feeling the self-pity something fierce right now.

April 7th is not far away, right?

Btw, I've been having some strange abdominal pain. I thought that it would go away when my heavy days were over, but last night my lower right side was just killing me! It's not so bad right now, but it was so unbearable that I had to sleep with a heating pad the whole night. I have two more days of C.lomid to go, it can't be ovarian pain, can it?

I joked this morning that I'm so glad that I changed schools where there are only 3 of us that are under 35. One girl isn't married and the other two are infertile! I wouldn't be able to stomach a staff where every single woman seems to get pregnant instantaneously! 


  1. sounds like a cyst, sorry to hear your in pain.

  2. It does sound like it could be a cyst, but even if it isn't is isn't too early for ovarian pain. I start feeling mine on day 3-ish. Clomid will kick that into high gear for sure.

  3. Interesting it does sound like a cyst! Sorry!

    I was on letrozole like clomid last April and it magnified my endo symptoms! ARGH!

  4. So sorry about all your pains/aches. I have been throwing myself a little pity-party this week as well. Sometimes it just sucks!

    I just got an email this morning about a baby shower for one of my co-workers. Per usual, I will not be attending! I just can't handle it and I am fine with that. :)

  5. It could be a cyst, but when I was on Clomid, I had a pain in my side starting around Day 4. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh, my ovaries let me know they were working from pretty early on. You get the oddest twinges and sensations from IF drugs that can really wear you down.

    Hope the sore throat goes away and that you feel better soon. The first year working with young kids is always a festival of illness!

  7. I hate being sick, too. I coughed through an entire training today, ugh! Letrozole gave me weird feelings, too. Sounds like your endo is being aggravated or possibly a cyst. April can't come soon enough!

  8. Darn you, April, where are you??!!

    I'm ss you're not feeling well. I hope it gets better soon.

  9. Oh, that just sucks all the way around. But, I'm glad that you have April 7 to look forward to and while you do have to hear about the PG ladies at Mr. JB's work, at least you aren't around them.

  10. I am hoping this pain means your body is doing something right this cycle and you will be pregnant soon. You SO deserve to be the one with "news"!!!

  11. I'm so tired of announcements, I am just waiting for my sister in law to get pregnant and tell everyone. She got married in October so I imagine it isn't far away. It's such a big kick in the guts.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now hon xxx