20 February 2009

Merci beaucoup

Thank you all for your advice. I phoned the doctor's office and spoke with one of the nurses. She told me that the lab found Enterococcus in my urine sample. I asked the nurse about not having any symptoms and she stressed that since the bacteria was found that I had to take the medication.

So I just had my dinner and I started my week-long affair with M.acrobid.


[Can you hear the sarcasm?]


  1. Ooh, Macrobid is what I took for 2 months following the IVs/lavages!! This may be the ticket, JB!

  2. Me, too. Hopefully it will take care of everything and you will feel better. Glad you are taking it!

  3. I would also think you want to be free of bacteria before surgery! ;)

    I wish someone would give me antibiotics. It's the best skin medicine!! :)

  4. Ugh. Sorry, JB, that you have to take more antibiotics. At least it's just a week, right?

  5. I'm glad at least you have an answer, and I hope the meds help.