15 January 2008

What??? How could you not know?????

I was in the staffroom at lunch at one of my colleagues announced that Giada DiLaurentiis was pregnant. I just watched her clip from the Today show and I still can't believe that she didn't believe that she was pregnant and that she wasn't even trying! 

Now after two years of TTC I can completely understand the not believing, but the part about not trying! Puh-leease!!!!! 

Actually I would consider myself a fan of her show. I love the way that she cooks. Her food is yummy. I've tried quite a few of her recipes. I even entertained the thought that perhaps she was having infertility issues. She's in her late 30's, married, very successful -- all the ingredients for someone to want to have a baby. Well I guess that we've not TTC soulmates after all.

My pregnant nemesis on staff was trying my patience today. Not only did she sit beside me she was complaining about her heartburn and how she wasn't feeling well and how much weight she had gained.... I don't know if I would feel this much animosity for her if I liked her. I think not. 

Perhaps the universe is testing me again. Maybe I have to work through my jealousy and frustration before I can conceive my own baby. 

I also saw my acupuncturist this afternoon. I mentioned to him that since I started seeing him in November that my periods have gotten shorter and they're not as heavy. He said that it was an indication that my insides were getting stronger. He also mentioned that five women that saw him in the summer have gotten pregnant (although he did mention that there were three that continued to do IVF). 

It's all about perception and point of view, right? Today I'm deciding to be positive. I'm going to be a mom, I just may need to be a little more patient...

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