17 January 2008

Jellybelly's List of Why Today Was a Good Day

After an incredibly long week and an especially trying day (why do my students all decide to have meltdowns on the same day?????), I only have the energy to write a list.

Here goes:

1. I found out today that one of my colleagues (that I would love to team-teach with, but will probably never get the chance since we're in different divisions) dislikes my pregnant teaching nemesis. I know that it isn't good karma to be happy that someone else is disliked, but it makes me really happy that I'm not the only one that dislikes TN. 

2. I met a new student this afternoon during yard duty. I knew that my school had gotten two new students and I saw him hanging so I introduced myself to him. I love it when little kids shake my hand! 

3. Despite a very sore head and a bad afternoon (I caught the sweetest kid passing out notes with horrible, despicable language, but then she fessed up. I have to think up some creative punishment for tomorrow) I went to yoga. Actually my hubby pretty much forced me to go. I always take my students' bad behaviour personally (not good, I know) and I frequently get stress headaches, and yoga always makes it better. I went to class and it was amazing. Good energy all around and I know that I'm going to sleep well. 

4.  Tomorrow's Friday. Need I say more?

I need my bed. ASAP. 

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