14 January 2008

Baby mamas

My eighteen year old cousin had a baby over the Christmas holidays. Or to be more precise, his girlfriend (baby mama, tee hee) had a baby over the Christmas holidays. She thought that she was going to have the baby in February, but the little one arrived on January 4th. And did I mention that she didn't see a doctor her entire pregnancy? And that her parents had no idea that she was pregnant? I'm still trying to wrap my head around the last one. 

My cousin is convinced that living in his parents' basement (in a very small house) and working at a sporting goods store that his new family will be fine. He's very lucky that his parents are being supportive since the baby mama's mother is more concerned with painting her house (her current reason for the baby mama and baby living with my cousin's family). 

We found out that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant over Thanksgiving. I honestly felt like I had been kicked in the gut. My entire extended family has been putting on the procreation pressure since the day after our wedding, and yes usually that's how it happens. One gets married then has a baby. After all we could afford to support a baby. We have benefits and a three bedroom house. For Pete's sake, we even have licenses (which my cousin does not)! 
I did have the fleeting idea that I would offer to adopt the baby and raise it as my own. I didn't even say that one out loud since doing that would involve just so many family politics that remaining childless would be so much easier. 

So instead I'm organizing a gift for the baby. My fellow cousins and I are going to chip in and get the new family a gift card so they can buy stuff for their new arrival. And then we're all going to visit the new family and happily present it to them. 

I will smile and pretend that everything is wonderful. Not only will I not judge them, but I will also be extremely happy for them and I will support them with my love and prayers. 

I wonder how much chocolate I will consume after that visit...

Maybe I should buy shares Lindt chocolate. Are they publicly traded? I could make a fortune. 

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