6 December 2011

In Search of Aunt Flo! Help!

Who would've thought that I would miss my period?

But I do, badly.

I had my first surgery with Dr. Hilgers on November 1st and I was on CD9 (he likes to do surgery before CD10). I had the "works" done and I know from looking at my (scary) bill, I had a D&C (I also remember being told that it was done, but that was in my post-surgical pain haze).

My CM returned last week, and if I was actually charting and paying attention I'd have some idea of where AF could be.

Also, I've been noticing hair loss. I know that my body is under stress from recovery and that I have thyroid issues, but I'm starting to think that I need to get some R.ogaine!

Advice anyone?


  1. OMGosh... I know why your period is late. You never went to Omaha! You went to an IVF clinic and you got babies put in your belly, didn't you??!! And now you're pregnant!!


    I have no idea where she is, but tell her to hurry up cuz people are WAITING!!!!

  2. Impossible TCIE! I have witnesses in the blog world that can prove (as well as credit card statements!) that I was in Omaha! ;)

  3. What CD are you on? The cycle of my surgery, I was late as well.
    I guess I should pray for it to come already!!

  4. LOL

    I've never heard it referred to as Aunt Flo before ha ha!

    I thought this had to do with upcoming family gathers :)

  5. Well if AF doesn't show up soon get your hormone levels checked. As for hair loss, when I had balding issues I was told to take zinc supplements. I no longer have bald spots.

  6. A blogger got pregnant soon after surgery before AF had a chance to show.. So I hope that AF doesn't show! ;)

  7. Haha TCIE, I can vouch! She was in Omaha! Don't worry JB, that period will come back. And the hair loss, I remember that too. It's just from the tremendous stress your body's been under lately. I went through the same thing and it eventually stopped.