4 December 2011

And now back to our scheduled programming...

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers on yesterday's post. I'm thinking that the Lord wants me to learn even more patience as part of my Advent preparation. Tomorrow my parents are taking me to my chiropractor appointment (I didn't realize that my mom had the day off and I just wanted my dad to take me, but that plan backfired) and then we're going to go dishwasher shopping. That will definitely be an exercise in patience.

Would it be a really bad thing if I starting drinking wine while still taking pain meds?

[don't worry, I'm just joking]

So I've been feeling so much better. I've decided to stop setting the alarm to take my pain medication through the night and I've been waking up without too much pain. I started this experiment on Thursday and I just realized that I had missed my evening dose of Ad.vil, but I wasn't uncomfortable (and this was after taking a shower upstairs and giving my purse a good clean-out). Having a night of uninterrupted sleep has been so good for my recovery.

I've also decided to sleep in after Mr. JB leaves for work. The first week I was alone I was getting up with him at 6:30 (the time I usually wake up to go to work) and I was feeling sluggish during the day. This past week I slept in until 8:30 and I felt so much better.

My appetite is back with a vengeance. We got some nitrate-free cold turkey and pork and I've been having open faced sandwiches for breakfast, with my homemade pickles on the side. Not being able to eat eggs is such a pain and I have to be creative with my protein! Anyone with any other gluten, egg, or cow-dairy free breakfast ideas? 

I've been having some serious blood sugar issues. I was diagnosed with insulin-resistance earlier this year and I've really made an effort to eat low-GI (although some days I would love to eat a loaf of my gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread, but I don't!). I've been feeling really strange, particularly tingly hands and feet after eating dairy-free ice cream (which is not exactly low in sugar!) for dessert. My heart also starts to race. The first time it happened I thought I was having a panic attack. The second time I was able to breathe deeply and make myself fall asleep. On Friday night I spent an hour trying to find a way to lower my blood sugar naturally on the internet.

I made Mr. JB goo.gle my symptoms and I am convinced that it has to do with my blood sugar. I think that the biggest part of my problem is that my activity level is so much lower than normal -- I miss going to yoga four times a week (which I guess is a sign that I am feeling better). I've tried to walk around the house more and I even did a bit of laundry yesterday (I loaded the washer, but I didn't unload the dryer since there was too much pulling involved). Do any of you that are insulin-resistant feel the same way after eating too much sugar? Btw, I'm taking 500 mg of Met.formin twice a day as well as chromium to help with my sugars.

Regardless of my strange new symptoms I feel like I'm making a turn towards recovery. It's amazing how much better I feel in comparison to last week. Riding in the car isn't too bad and we even attended my cousin's daughter's dance performance last night! We didn't get home until almost midnight!

I feel such a difference in my pain and my pelvis feels clear -- my pelvic abscess sister Hebrews understands the mess that infection can leave behind! My body actually feels lighter, does that make sense?

Prayer buddy you are working wonders! Thank you!


  1. Hooray for uninterrupted sleep! That was the hardest part of the first week after my surgery - it was so long before I slept more than an hour or two at a stretch. I don't do well with sleep deprivation! :)

    Breakfast ideas... This morning I had a slice of ham and pineapple! Since restricting my dairy too these couple of weeks, my favorite breakfast meal has been chicken and sweet potatoes. I cook some in the crock pot - adding a little bit of rosemary and (I think basil?) with some chicken broth. Pretty mild-tasting but good. The recipe calls for white wine when you cook it on the stove, but I wasn't sure about adding it in the crockpot. Can you eat sweet potatoes? I eat a pretty good amount of chicken (I typically eat Zone-ish 40/30/30 Carb/Protein/Fat) so it isn't a ton of the sweet potatoes. Anyway... that's what I've enjoyed most in the morning.

    So glad you are continuing to feel better and better! :)

  2. So glad you are getting better! I pray that you will get the insulin resistance issue figured out.

  3. First, totally praying for your relationship with your mom! (Blogger ate my comment yesterday).

    Secondly, as a fellow GF-er and one who attempts to be somewhat dairy free... hmmmm...

    Apples and peanut butter are a favorite snack of mine. Not sure how the apples would affect your blood sugar though, although it's my understanding the protein combined with the natural sugar should = low glycemic index.

    Love the sweet potato idea (incidentally, those are supposed to be good for your fertility too? ;)

    Hardy soups... my mom made a very yummy kale soup the other day.

    I often find breakfast to be the toughest meal... b/c I too try to avoid eggs. A traditional English breakfast with steak, tomatoes and mushrooms may work? :)

  4. Hypoglycemic here with food allergies to dairy (mostly whey protein part) and eggs.

    I have to keep my sugar levels fairly constant so I eat low salted and unsalted nuts for breakfast. Then I snack on more of them during the day with those 6 small meals I'm supposed to be eating.

    Do you have soy allergy? Most dairy free desserts are soy and I'm wondering since soy causes synthetic estrogen to be released from the soy itself it might be raising your blood sugar levels.

  5. Good riddance pelvic abscess!! So long adhesions and scarring from infection!!! It feels SO good to be "clean" inside, doesn't it? Hooray!

  6. Some of the symtpoms you described sounds like they could be hormone related, did your doctor say your hormones would change from your surgery at all? (Well I guess insulin is a hormone in itself) I just recall having simialr feelings while going through accupuncture and I always thought it was my hormones adjusting...but who knows.

    I drink whey shakes in unsweetened almond milk for breakfast, its the perfect blend of protein and carbs with minimal naturally occuring sugar. Also applegate farms makes some yummy breakfast sausage in the frozen section of whole foods (not sure if you have one there) I sometimes have tow of them with my whey shake, they are nitrate and nitrate free and pretty tasty! They are made from chicken, pork and turkey...I have the pork and maple ones....yum!

  7. Oh I should note, my whey is casein free, from grassfed cows. Not sure if it's dairy you cant have or casein? I get my whey from Dr Mercolas website, the vanilla one rocks!http://mercola.fileburst.com/PDF/product-labels/Miracle-Whey-Protein-Powder-Label-Vanilla-web.pdf

  8. I usually drink a green smoothie to start my morning and then when I start getting hungry again I have a salad with some kind of protein (very often a hamburger patty).

    I second the idea of allergies. The "Coca Pulse Test" specifically is what I was thinking as my naturopath just went over it with me. This website explains it similar to how my doc explained it. http://www.alternativehealthzone.com/alternative-health-news/coca-pulse-test-for-allergies

    I know with your limited diet, that's the last thing you want to hear... here's hoping I'm wrong.

  9. Glad to read you are feeling better, bit by bit! :)

    For breakfast ideas, take a tip from a lard lover... (like Sew)... make a breakfast hash with sweet potatoes, onions, and bacon / ham / sausage... fried in lard! The fat will keep you SATISFIED and will yield a good long burn...

    When do you next see Dr T?

  10. Good idea for sleeping in - much better for your adrenals. :)

    Breakfast - how about oatmeal, sprinkled with hemp protein?

    Ice Cream - YES, absolutely to do with exercise. So until you are able to exercise... nix the sweet stuff, my lady. Sorry. When you exercise you burn glucose built up.