4 August 2010

An inauspicious anniversary

My second surgery was a year ago today.

Not exactly something that I wanted to celebrate, or even remember for that matter. I've had to look back on Mr. JB's guest posts to remember what exactly happened. Pretty amazing what morphine and extreme can do to one's memory!

Although my uterus remains barren, I am thankful to have no more nasty endo growing inside of me. I do suspect that I have adhesions again since I've been feeling some strange pain in my pelvis and because I know that after growing a pelvic abscess that I have a greater chance of having more. Yay!

I wish that I could say that I had a more exciting day, but I didn't. I had a planning meeting for a workshop that I will be teaching at the end of the month. Then I had a chiropractor appointment which was followed by a trip to the nice lady who threads my eyebrows (she removed the baby hair from my forehead which hurt a TON, well not as much as a laparotomy, but you get the point!). The best part of the day was getting a pedicure!

I am so thankful for my blog-friends that helped me get through my surgery and recovery. Although I have wonderful friends and an equally wonderful husband, none of them have gone through surgery and the subsequent recovery. I thank God for all of you every single day.

As for now, I know that I'm in yet another valley in the journey of IF. I've been thinking that perhaps a blogging break, and perhaps a TTC break as well, may be in order to maintain what sanity I have left. We have a vacation coming up and it may be what I need.

In the meantime, Mr. JB and I are going to watch some mindless TV and be thankful that I'm not sleeping in some hospital bed attached to a pain pump. I think that this occasion may call for some wine...


  1. Happy Cut-Me-Open Anniversary!! I remember last year so clearly, and how brave you were to travel all the way to TN just days before your big day. We were all praying like crazy for you.

    I can't wait to see you, and you'd better not take a break the cycle we may be going to see Fr. you-know-who! ;)

  2. Wow.. It's been a year? That means the BW weekend was a year ago too. I remember interviewing you at the airport as you left early for your surgery and it seems like it was just yesterday.

    You are always in my prayers. Do whatever you need to do for your saniy and know we'll all still be here praying.

  3. I remember Mr. JB guest posting for everyone so we could know how you were doing. I am pretty sure I was still an unknown lurker then, but you can bet I was praying for you, sweets. I will continue to.

  4. I can't believe it's already been a year! ;) That was one rough surgery! Ugh!

    Take a break, blogging and TTC! I think they are the BEST breaks to take! ;) But please let us know what your thyroid numbers are when you have that appointment! ;)

  5. Ah, the abscess. Good times.(dripping sarcasm)

    I hope you have a GREAT vacation--and yes, have a glass of wine or two! :-)

  6. mmmmm Wine, certainly this is an occasion that calls for wine. Happy Anniversary and I am so happy this disease was Finally diagnosed and something was done for you. I hope your holiday is exactly what you need, where are you going?

  7. Congrats on one year post-surgery!

    Crack open that wine :).

    Sarah @www.callmemama.wordpress.com

  8. A vacation sounds perfect - where are you off to?

  9. Yeah, where are you going? I totally agree a nice vacation is exactly what is called for! you've been through ALOT! i think more wine is in order here! Happy Anniversary..you are brave girl!

  10. Hey girls! Mr. JB and I are heading to the Poconos in PA. I'm so excited, especially for the tax-free clothes shopping!!!!

    Btw, I had about half a glass of wine last night and I fell DEAD ASLEEP! I'm such a lightweight! ;)

  11. What a year it has been, don't you think? A very long year. It has been up for some and down for others, but still the time passes. Wow.