6 August 2010

My poor, sad tummy *Updated

Okay girls, I'm at my wits' end.

I've had a stomach ache (pretty much) off and on since Tuesday. I do have a very high pain tolerance, one of the many gifts of living with endo for more than half of my life, but I'm starting to get worried. As I fell asleep last night I had a brief, panicked thought that it was my appendix (the pain has been localized on the right side), but I don't think that it is since I slept through the night.

I have to admit that I've been eating outside of my comfort zone (read: cheese and corn on the cob) and after the lunches provided at my summer job I know that my poor belly has been working overtime. When we were away at my fertile bf's cottage I dealt with some pretty severe pain, but I had attributed it to not wanting to use the rustic facilities (yes, outhouses -- yuck!).

I took some digestive enzymes this morning after I had some toast (pretty plain, just some jam and margarine). I've been drinking green tea and sitting with my magic bag on my tummy. I'm hoping that the pain subsides so I can continue with my day. We also have a family wedding for Mr. JB's cousin tomorrow night that I absolutely do not want to miss, especially since they have gone out of their way to make sure that I can eat the dinner!

I'm just so tired of having pain. I had a mini-breakdown this morning and I just started blubbering. I don't think that it's too much to ask that since I'm still barren that I can count on being pain-free.


For now I will try to stay away from Dr. G.oogle and perhaps I will take some A.dvil. I'm supposed to meet my teaching partner for lunch so I need to get my giddy up on so I can get ready.

Feeling like this sucks.

p.s. I'm also hoping that the endo hasn't grown back and that I don't have horrible adhesions growing all over my pelvix, but I think this point is understood.


Mr. JB took me to my GP, yes the one that one that I'm angry at, but it was easier than going to the ER. She did a urine test to rule out a UTI and there was some blood in my urine which could be from ovulation (I'm Peak +1 today, so I definitely think that it's from o'ing). I have no pain when I pee and since I've had SO MANY bladder infections I know what my body feels like when I have one. She gave me a prescription for M.acrobid just in case my UTI symptoms get worse over the weekend.

The pain has subsided a bit and I'm resting on the couch with a heating pad. We also stocked up on lots of plain food so I can detox from all of the goodness that I've eaten this past week.

And yes Prayerfuljourney, having tummy issues do suck big GIANT donkey balls. Thanks for making me laugh! ;)


  1. If you think it's a digestive issue, one of my favorite (and fast) remedies is taking a bath with epsom salts. It does wonders to help your body detox whatever is bothering you. I'll feel bloated and awful and take a bath and end up feeling slimmer and back to normal in no time. I usually use a good cup (or two) of salts in a warm/hot bath.
    Also, sometime Ginger Aid Tea (from Traditional Medicinals) helps with digestive troubles. It doesn't always work for me, but it might help (and it won't hurt).
    Hope you feel better!

    Sarah @www.callmemama.wordpress.com

  2. Sorry about the tummy issues....I wish I had some advice for you. The enzymes seemed like a good idea...I have to wonder if it's diet related. I snuck in some cheese the other day and I think it wreaked havoc on my newly detoxing system. It's hard to believe the body could react so strongly to food. I am hoping its not your endo too. xoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. I hope you feel better soon jb~ Have you tried tums or peptol bismol? Those usually work for me!

  4. I have tummy trouble alot probably due to my acid reflux...have you ever tried Pep.cid A.C? I take one every night and so far so good..unless I really eat too much or like you said...something out of my comfort zone.

    Doesn't it stink big donkey balls(hehehe..I wonder who said that saying first..ahem.) that we endo girls always have to worry about that dreadful endo returning? I just read on an endo website that having a baby does not necessarily prevent endo from coming back? WTH? That was news to me. I guess we just have to keep praying and living as pain free as we can.

    Praying for you!

  5. I'm just a lurker with endo...but something random that I just learned from my mom last week- when your stomach hurts, lay on your left side for awhile. Apparently this is the way that your organs are most in the position that they should be, and it can help stomach pain to subside. I had a terrible stomachache last weekend and laid on my left side for about an hour and immediately felt almost back to normal. My mom's a nurse so I have to think she knows what she's talking about (and besides, moms always know how to make you feel better anyway!). Hope this helps!
    - Karen

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  7. I want to scream for you!!! I am so sorry. I hate that you are in pain like this. Ugh, ugh and UGH!!!!!!

    I second the donkey balls, by the way.

  8. Hope the medicine works for you! Adding prayers for you too!

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you're having tummy issues. That's no fun. I hope the plain diet and resting helps it feel better soon.

  10. I'm sorry...that really stinks to not be feeling well. I hope that you feel better sooner than later!

    I agree with the whole staying away from Doctor Goo.gle! I have had too many things (IF related and other things as well) that I have felt good one moment, hit the "search" button and then FREAKED out. It's a love/hate relationship really....

  11. Sorry for your tummy troubles - I hope the episode has ended. No need to spend the weekend in pain and uncomfortable.

  12. Tummy problems are always so painful..why is that? I really do hope you will feel better soon! Yeah, you don't want to miss the wedding tomorrow either..summer weather and going to a wedding.

    I have a weird remedy if you want to try..i mean it works for my family and i even got my non-asian hubby to try it out and it works for him too...why not rub some Vicks on your tummy...whenever i have really really painful knife cutting pain in my tummy this stuff works..it helps "numb" the darn pain and i can take a nap and rest a bit. Not sure if it will work if you have more than the regular tummy ache. Ginger or pepermint tea may help as well to sooth the tummy ache.

    I am learning so much about Endo through your blog and honestly i need to give you ALOT of credit for your STRENGTH and COURAGE to get through it..cause i have a very very low tolerance to pain of any kind. I complain about it like there is no tomorrow!

    Really do hope you feel better soon!

  13. Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry things suck. Pain and suffering can wear you down so much.

    I'm praying you get some relief soon!