8 August 2010

I asked for a sign....

...and I got multiples.

I've blogged before about how I have conversations with God, usually in my car. Since I am in yet another IF low point, I've had more than one pleading conversation with the Lord. I usually get my signs soon after I beg and plead, but this time I was put in my place and my answers came in full force this weekend.

Ask and you shall receive indeed!!!

Sign one: Last night at the reception for Mr. JB's cousin (beautiful wedding, perfect weather and an amazing meal that I was able to enjoy -- the BRATT diet totally works and I am off cheese for an extended period of time since I am sure that it was the culprit!).

Mr. JB and his brother disappeared from the reception hall after dinner and I went searching for him. I ran into his cousin's dad and his wife outside and I was complaining about how cold I was. At this point in the night everyone (well, not me, but it's because I was behaving myself because of my bad belly) had a bit of a shine going, if you know what I mean (wink, wink!) and I was complaining about how cold I was. Well Mr. JB's cousin's wife said, "Well that's not normal JellyBelly! You've got to get your thyroid checked! It's not cold in the hall!" Then I told her about how I was always cold and she continued, "Well, a girl at my office had thyroid issues and she was always cold and she was also having problems getting pregnant [btw, I have NEVER discussed my IF with this part of the family, so it totally took me by surprise!] and then she got her thyroid sorted out and BAM she got pregnant." Yes, she was more than a bit tipsy and yes, she was speaking really fast which she is prone to do when she has been drinking, but I was absolutely flummoxed.

She was happy to hear that I had gotten my thyroid checked in July and she kept on saying that she was sure that it was what was keeping us from conceiving. Apparently Mr. JB and I have been fodder for some family gossip, which isn't a surprise since he comes from a huge family from a small town. Well at least she had something positive to tell me and I definitely count that conversation as a HUGE sign!

Sign two:

This morning at mass (btw, have I mentioned how much I LOVE having a brother-in-law that's a priest! We didn't even have to leave the house for mass this morning!) I did the second reading. For some reason I have always been the psalm reader but this morning I read the second reading. I had a tough time holding it together, but I pulled through.

This is the part that got me:

By faith Sarah herself, though barren, received power to conceive, even though she was too old, because she considered him faithful who had promised. Therefore from one person, and this one good as dead, descendants were born, "as many as the stars of heaven and as the innumerable grains of sand by the seashore."

Needless to say I was pretty distracted after my reading. It was like a hammer to head from above!

Sign three:

This afternoon we visited Mr. JB's uncle (it was his grandson that got married) and we ended up staying for dinner. Uncle J had a stroke a number of years ago and is lucky enough to have had ten kids that help look after him. Last week he fell out of bed and his homecare worker found him on the floor bleeding. He has been on blood thinners for quite a long time and when he gets cut the bleeding takes a LONG time to stop. He's one of the toughest people I have ever met and he really likes me (we had a photo taken with him and I was sitting beside him and he grabbed my arm and entwined it with his! For a big tough guy, he sure is sentimental!).

I was helping clean up after supper when Mr. JB's cousin K asked me right out of the blue about how I was doing in the pg department. I knew that she struggled with miscarriages after having her daughter 10 years ago, but we had never talked about it. She told me about having endo herself which wasn't diagnosed until she got pregnant, apparently she didn't have any symptoms until she was 30! She also asked me about my doctor and how I was doing mentally. After we spoke for a while she apologized for prying, but the conversation felt so natural and I was so relieved to finally talk to someone that understood! She also understood that IVF was something that we didn't want to do.

I told Mr. JB about my conversation with K when we got back to his dad's house and his only response was, "Well K's awesome that's why."

It seems to me that we have a lot of people praying and worrying about us. It has been very difficult for me to open up with our families because it's been so hard on me. I'm one of those "fake it until you make it" kind of people and the last thing I want is for someone to feel sorry for me!

I'm definitely thankful that the Lord got through my thick skull. I know that each encounter was meant to touch me in some way and that I'm supposed to keep the faith that this IF business will work out.

Mr. JB and I are leaving for the Poconos on Tuesday morning and we're going to make a special trip to St. Gianna's Shrine. If you have any special intentions for me to pray for while we're there just leave a comment on this post. I'm super excited because TCIE is going to meet up with us!

p.s. This was my 400th post. Have I mentioned that my lucky number is 4?


  1. Yes, it WILL all work out because I am praying SO hard for it to do JUST that. And soon. Keep the faith.

    Awesome about the reading, I know you probably just about fell over!!

  2. I am still trying to reach Fr Mike... :(

    Can't wait to see you again!

  3. What awesome confirmations you had! It's so great when we can finally connect with empathetic women who "get" IF. So happy for you! And yes, keep pursuing that thryoid deal...it's HUGE!

  4. Hi FMOASCG,

    I am a friend of Karey's and have met TCIE once at the St. Gianna shrine before. What day are you planning on coming to the shrine? I am the director. We are open on Sat. 3:30-5 and Sun. after the 8-10-12 masses, closing at 2. We set up pilgrimages during the week if we receive advance notice. The shrine is housed in a parish church so we are not open all week. I am usu. the one who meets the pilgrims, but I will be on vacation Tues. Please let me know when you are coming and I will try to get someone to meet you if it is during the week.

    Ps- If any of you bloggers would like medals/holy cards, please email me.

    God bless you,
    Society of Saint Gianna
    Vice President and Shrine Director

  5. Isn't it amazing when God talks to you through other people? THat's nice that you were able to open up and feel comfortable sharing. People really do care...they just don't know what to say or to just plain show it.

    Enjoy the Poconos...my dh and I almost went there for our honeymoon. Sounds magnificant.

    That is great that you can visit a shrine too....I've heard there are some by me also...I need to investigate that further.

    Enjoy your getaway!!!

  6. How wonderful about the visit to the shrine! And, I love how God was able to break through and reach you in these signs!! I thought of you during the readings today. So moving, so hopeful!

  7. How absolutely amazing!!! If those aren't signs then I don't know what else could be! I'm so happy to hear that God has sent those your way as a reminder that He hears and to remind you that you have to continue to trust Him, afterall I truly believe that God puts these desires on our hearts for a reason...it's the muddiness of the world and the consumption of "our timing" that we lose sight of this!

    Have fun going to the shrine, how awesome! Oh and if you remember, I'd love a pray offered up for me...the obvious TTC and another special intention! Thanks!

  8. Those are some serious signs! Enjoy your time in the Poconos!!!

  9. A little T3 never hurt anybody....When are you getting those dang results already! It's killing me!

    You do sound hypo and it is difficult to get pregnant hypo. ;(

    I LOVE SIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!! and those are great signs! ;)

  10. I love signs!!!! I am so happy the Lord showed these signs to you! And you couldnt have missed them even if you were blind!

    The reminders are what get us through the wait. Enjoy your trip and when the wait gets hard, come back and read this post. :)

    P.S> I am always cold too - even on thyroid meds. My doctor is having me track temps and will probably change my meds because my BBT temp pre ovulation is always below 97.8 - which is considered abnormal. What is your's usually?

  11. That is wonderful news-I loved reaading all of these and about how all those folks are praying for you! I even have goosebumps! :)

  12. I love it that you have a comment from the shrine director! Yay IF blogging! Like Sew, I am super-impatient for you to hear your thyroid results. (I am a bit impatient to hear mine, too, but I am alreay on 60 mcg of desiccated thyroid, so IMHO yours are more important at this point.) You've done everything right, including your diet, so this really SHOULD be the magic bullet for you!

  13. Sew & Misfit: I see my Napro doc on September 2nd. With her vacation and our vacation it was impossible to see her in August. Not to worry, I will be posting those results as soon as I get them. They better be the magic bullet or there is going to be TROUBLE!

  14. I love reading about signs!! It's so much easier to have us to faith for/in others, than for ourselves sometimes, so I'm glad the signs gave you the boost you needed when you needed it. Have a great trip! (I remember when AYWH posted the link about the shrine nearly 2 years ago(?!?), I e-mailed immediately for the medals and prayer cards. )

  15. definate signs! how awesome for you. I love getting signs. It must be so nice for you to have some people irl to talk to. :)
    That reading also got me thinking... alot.

  16. Happy 400th post! Hoping those signs mean something good is coming your way :).

  17. Very cool about the signs. Have fun at the shrine with TCIE and Mr. JB. I'm praying for you.

  18. Very cool about the signs. Have fun at the shrine with TCIE and Mr. JB. I'm praying for you.

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