20 August 2010

Thank you barley

I didn't think that having a cookie would get me out of attending the scandalous wedding's rehearsal, but it did.

While we were in Scranton I picked up a wheat-free cookie. What I didn't know until this afternoon what that although barley flour is wheat-free, it isn't gluten-free.

I'm not feeling as sick as I usually do when I ingest gluten, but I'm incredibly dizzy. Every time I stand up the room starts to spin. I've been trying to nap, but the sleep isn't coming.

Have I mentioned that I think that I may have celiac disease and not ulcerative colitis? I definitely have a sensitivity to gluten and not just wheat.

Oh joy.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments on my last post. I waited
until this morning to tell Mr JB and he gave me the biggest hug. I wish that I could believe that we will be parents the way that he does. He also reminded me that I can drink as much as I want at the scandalous wedding tomorrow night.

I love being married to an optimist.


  1. Sorry that you aren't feeling well, but I'm glad that at least you don't have to go to the rehearsal. Mr. JB is a smart man. He's right that at least you can drink whatever you want at the scandalous wedding.

  2. Drink it up, my friend ;)

    I just wanted to tell you that my husband always had so much more confidience and patience with trusting God and his timing than I ever did. So I think your husband is onto something!!!

  3. Ugh! I wish you weren't so sensitive to gluten. My SIL is also (she has endo and it's sooo much worse when she ingests gluten) so she has educated me re: barley. Also that oats are often coated with flour to keep them from sticking to each other, so you really have to watch your ingredients. Food can get so complicated! (I have to watch out for food allergies - tree nuts, fish, and egg, so it's a different set of foods but the same obsessive label-reading).

    I was so happy to read about your wonderful weekend and all of the "signs" you felt - even if they didn't bring about your BFP this cycle. Trust your heart, I think those signs are there for a reason. It sounds like Mr JB gives wonderful hugs and I'm so glad he understands!

    I can't believe how fast the school year is approaching - I guess we'll be making our preparations soon :)

  4. Sorry your so sick, but glad it got you out of the rehersal!
    Great idea by your hubby! Drink it up and have a good time tomorrow! :)

  5. Drink away, my friend, drink away! I will join you with a glass of Prosecco.

    I hate that barley is gluten :( It's why I can't (or shouldn't is more like it) eat Miso soup anymore. I think I have celiac's, too.

    When will it be our turn?? I'm so ready.

  6. That totally sucks (except for the getting out of the wedding rehearsal part). I wish you weren't celiac, but on the other hand, I know how much better I've felt digestively since I've removed gluten 100% from my diet, so I think if you end up doing 100% gf, you'll feel better too. And it can take at LEAST 6 months after your last exposure to gluten for your gut to heal, so the effects of ingesting gluten are long-term.
    I'm not too surprised - it seems like those of us with endo end up with other autoimmune diseases as well...
    Anyway, sorry for the bummer comment, but I really hope you can get some answers for sure soon. I can tell you that as much as I miss some foods on occasion, I can honestly say that I have not been tempted to eat gluten ONCE since my diagnosis. Just knowing what it's doing to my body is enough to keep me away for good!
    Enjoy your drinks tomorrow!

  7. Glad you got out of the rehearsal, but sorry you still have to endure the scandalous wedding. Drink it up, sweets!!!!!!!

  8. Sorry I missed everything that has been going on, but am so happy that you are married to such a wonderful optimist. I really hope you find a diagnosis to those diseases, it would be great for you to finally get some answers.

  9. It’s amazing how a small amount of gluten sets off the symptoms. I once had a lentil soup at a restaurant and of course it wasn't just lentils. My head was spinning within 30 min and I felt like I was going to pass out.
    I use to eat out a lot but now I just can't be bothered, too much work trying to figure out what is GF free etc. Hope you are feeling better.

  10. Nice that you got out of the rehearsal - but I am sorry that you wern't feeling well.

  11. I guess you have something else to look into huh?

    Hope you got through the wedding day!!!! I was thinking about you. :)

  12. Married to an optimist is always the best! It is great that your hubby is so supportive and positive!

  13. If you are DIZZY after having a COOKIE, how could you NOT have Celiac's? I mean, I'm not a doctor here, but that doesn't sound like a reaction to eating too much of something difficult to digest (I get that, though not with gluten) - that's an allergy, right?

    Glad to hear you got out of the rehearsal. Now, what can you eat for the wedding...?

  14. So how did drinking go at the scandalous wedding??? haha. Hope you are feeling better!

  15. I had to go back to read what was so scandalous about the wedding. Bless your heart. That was a bitter bill to swallow I am sure. Hope you had a great time at the wedding. We were at an out of town wedding Saturday night too and I am way too old to stay out and dance like I did after that one. Way too old LOL!