18 August 2010


I was so happy to see my house last night. Although the Poconos were fun, it was tough to live in a hotel room for a week! I also know that I'm spoiled, but I really hate sharing a bathroom with Mr. JB. I'm an only child and I've almost always had my own bathroom (I had to share in university, but that was only five years of my life!).

I'm also glad to be back in my own kitchen.

Being gluten-free on vacation sucked. With the exception of two meals that we ate out (one of which was with Mr & Mrs TCIE), I ate salads. Boring, boring salads. We even altered our plans to go to Scranton so I could eat at a vegan restaurant (and then we visited St. Ann's Basilica which was so beautiful). I almost cried when the waitress brought me my meal. It was the first time in a week that I could eat with abandon -- I didn't have to worry about feeling sick or about eating any hidden wheat.

I try really hard not to complain, but I was almost brought to tears more than once.

Thank God for gf cereal (I stocked up on every kind of Rice and Corn C.hex). I was worried that we were going to be stopped at the border and I would have to explain why I had EIGHT boxes of cereal in my trunk!

"No Mr. Border Officer, I'm not trafficking cereal into Canada. I just really love C.hex products!"

That would've been funny.

Or not.

So tomorrow I have my first in a series of teacher-related workshops that I'm attending. I was excited all day at the thought of a new school year. I'm trying not to think about the unpacking and reorganizing I need to do in my classroom. I can't wait to see the kids! I bought quite a few books for my religion library and they will be so excited! I'm also going to ask my father-in-law to make me a little kneeler for in front of my prayer table. I figure the kids are going to be preparing for their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion so they should have an actual kneeler! I'll keep you posted on how that goes...

In cycle news: It's Peak +14 today. I would really like to believe that visiting Our Lady of Czestochowa & St. Gianna's Shrines, getting Fr. Mike's blessing and then visiting St. Ann's Basilica are going to help. I also know that after five years of IF that I shouldn't get my hopes up too high.

The scandalous wedding is happening this weekend. Unfortunately I'm not in traction nor do I have some strange contagious disease, so I will have to attend. In order to cope I got a really cute dress (have I mentioned that I love the tax-free clothes shopping in PA???) and an even cuter pair of shoes. There are going to be more than one frustrated prayer said to get me through the extravaganza -- have I mentioned that there will be FOURTEEN attendants (Mr. JB being one of them). She is going to be SHOWING on the altar.


I'm going to be offering up all of this frustration to all of my friends that are still waiting. You girls are going to get a TON of prayers!

p.s. I didn't take any of my adrenal support today and I felt like garbage. Only 14 days until I see my Napro doc. My appointment can't come any sooner.


  1. Welcome back! I want to see a pic of your dress...and your shoes!

  2. I'll post one with the entire ensemble. I'm getting my hair done too!!

  3. I am praying like crazy for you tonight... hoping to see a most blessed and wonderful post from you tomorrow on P+15 (and it will make a great Anniversary gift for Mr and Mrs TCIE!!!)

  4. Sounds like a nice vacation even with the salads. Did you make croutons out of the chex to spice up your salads? ;) Good luck with the wedding... ugh. Praying for P15!

  5. Good luck with the start of school! I love the idea of a kneeler - so cute!

  6. That is SO frustrating. My recent dietary restrictions (self-imposed, no doctors, just to avoid the lovely endo IBS) are much less restrictive, and they can be so frustrating too. You are a brave soul.

    Cute shoes can improve lots of situations - need to see pictures :). Good luck braving the wedding.

  7. Sorry about the trouble with gf eating while traveling! That's a huge bummer. You're a trooper - eating salads wouldn't even work for me, since my dr. said no raw veggies! I'm glad you managed to have a good time, regardless.

    Hoping that AF stays away...

  8. I love Che.x cereal too...with Almon.d milk...awesome way to start the day.

    Your trip sounded amazing and full of blessings. Someday my dh and I would like to go the Eas.t Coast...Lord only knows when.

    I start studen.t teaching on Monday...I'm in complete awe that they day is already here. My summer was busy so it went by rather quickly. I can't wait to see the children too. They'll be so excited to be starting pre-k..for most it will be their FIRST day of school!

  9. I love Chex Mix too!!! This is my first full week into teaching and I must say, it is good to be back and see all my kiddos. Enjoy getting your room read and getting that kneeler....good idea!

  10. Glad you made it home! I'm looking forward to see your ensemble. Sorry that eating GF was so hard while traveling. So funny about the Chex smuggling!