12 March 2010

One more sleep!

I'm exhausted and Mr. JB and I still have to pray the rosary before I go to bed, but I just wanted to check in.

So my suitcase is packed and my medication/supplements are all doled out in my "old lady" pill sorter. All I have to do is get a pedicure tomorrow (and I'm taking Mr. JB with me since his feet are gross man feet!) and run to the drug store to pick up some travel-sized deodorant. It seems that all of the travel-sized stuff that I have at home smells nasty!

I so need this vacation. I finally feel like my body belongs to me again and I finally feel well. I know that the sunshine and warm weather is exactly what the doctor ordered. I'm Peak +10 today and I packed all my supplies for AF, just in case she arrives while we're in Arizona. Let's just say that I hope to God that she stays away!

Btw, I didn't have a reaction to the antibiotics. Thank God! I am, however, becoming an eating monster. It must be all of the fertility drugs! I'm not a very big person, but I eat a lot normally. It just seems that I CAN'T STOP EATING! I'm going to take a ton of snacks for the plane tomorrow 'cos I'm scared that I'm going to lose my mind with the non-gluten-free, dairy or egg filled options that they will have for sale on the flight.

Hopefully I get the chance to post tomorrow, if not, I'll blog from the sunny southwest!!!!


  1. Yay, you deserve this SO BADLY!!! Enjoy!!

  2. Have a nice time!!!

  3. Have a great trip!!! you deserve it!!!!

  4. Have a wonderful trip!! And I thought of you Wednesday morning as I was getting ready for work. I said to myself, "Only two more sleeps until Friday.. hey! JB!" :)

  5. Have a great trip!

    I can’t get me husband to get a pedicure. . . . and his man feet need it.

  6. I can't believe Mr. JB allows you to take him to get a pedicure! My hubby would NEVER. EVER.
    I hope you have a great trip andn enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Hopefully AF stays away!