21 March 2010

Back to Reality

There's nothing like a migraine to welcome you home.

My headache started in Denver (I figure it was due to the altitude) and just got progressively worse after we landed. I discovered, late, that P.ringles contain wheat.

What is up with that?????

Anyhow, I barely ate dinner at my parents' house and as soon as Mr. JB opened the front door of our house I threw up. I spent the rest of the night in bed (well, it was already 11pm, so it worked out) and then I didn't get up until 2pm. Needless to say, I missed mass and most of my last day of vacation. I finally feel like myself, but I have a migraine hangover.


The rest of our vacation went really well. I went to the driving range for the first time and had a great time. We also went to a great outlet mall and I got some really nice stuff for the spring at B.anana Re.public AND a nice rain jacket from C.olumbia. We had a pretty low-key St. Paddy's Day celebration and I did enjoy one glass of wine (the upside of CD2, yay!). We had dinner at Mr. JB's cousin's new home and I ended up falling asleep on the couch while the rest of the family was outside.

Our trip home got to a bumpy start. Stupid A.ir Ca.nada hadn't sent our tickets over to U.nited and so when we tried to check in they didn't see us on their computer, despite having a confirmation number and seats on the plane. They kept on telling us that we were supposed to be on a flight that had left the day before. Yet another reason why we will never fly our national carrier. Thankfully we arrived early enough to get on the phone and straighten things out and we made it to our gate just as we were supposed to board the plane.

So I'm CD6 and I have one more dose of F.emara to take tomorrow night. My cycle lasted 29 days which was 4 days shorter than last month. I also ovulated two days earlier on CD16 than last month. I really hope that my UTI has cleared up and that we can have a fighting chance to get pg. It seems like everything was working against us last cycle!

I have to get to bed. The upside of being bedridden is that I got a lot of rest. I hope that hearing the alarm in the morning isn't too painful!

p.s. I'm so behind in reading and commenting on your blogs. I tried to read as much as I could while we were down south, but it was tough! Hopefully I can catch up this week!


  1. Hope it is not too painful to go back to school tomorrow :) Praise God that the migraine did not show up on the first day back!

    So happy your had fun shopping and some great wine! We have to celebrate the good moments, right? Here's to this new cycle!!!
    Praying that this is it!!!

  2. Sorry you are feeling lousy. I hope you have a seriously great tan! Here's a IF related question- why do some people take Femara on only one day and others take it for multiple days. My MD has me taking 40 mg on CD3. Just curious!

  3. is it from the femara? I had horrific headaches the month I took it.........hope you feel better soon!

  4. Yuck. What a way to end a good vacation. I hope you are feeling better. I was hate the first day back after vacation.

  5. Sorry you were struck with a migraine and getting sick right as you got home. The pressure change can be pretty hard to deal with - I've been getting headaches for the last few weeks every time the weather changes (and it has been swinging back and forth).
    I hope you feel better! Good luck with your first day back :).

  6. I love it that Denver is "down south" for you. I'm sorry you've been under the weather, and I hope you get back into the swing of things (ttc-wise and otherwise) seamlessly!