7 March 2010

[Insert sigh of relief here]

My report cards are done.


I hate this time of year since it makes me so grumpy to have to assign grades to the little, tiny people in my class. I would much rather write a paragraph or have a meeting with each of the parents to discuss their kid. Instead, I have to write horribly impersonal comments that are full of educational jargon that doesn't make sense.

Anyhow, the most important things is that I'M DONE! Praise Jesus! I will have to do corrections and my principal will read them and make me correct stuff, but that's the easy part.

Another reason why I'm feeling so relieved is that this time next week we'll be in Arizona! Although today was a beautiful sunny day, I still couldn't wear shorts or flip flops. I can't wait to be in the warm sunshine in the company of Mr. JB's wonderful relatives.

In cycle news, it's Peak +5 and I'm mentally preparing myself for my HCG needle. It just worked out that I won't have to travel with needles, which really worried me. The last time we were in Arizona we had just started with Napro and my period was so wonky. I really hope that this visit will be punctuated with something a little more hopeful. In other words, I really hope that AF doesn't show up! ;)

Mr GP called on Friday and I have to call tomorrow. I'm assuming that my urine sample showed that I do have a UTI. I've been feeling strange pain in my ladyparts and I can only attribute it to an infection. I really hope that it is, because I really don't want anything to be wrong!

Gotta get back to the O.scars. We've hardly seen any movies this past year since the O.lympics took up all of our movie-watching time! We did see A.vatar yesterday and Mr. JB and I think that it shouldn't get best picture. I do love to watch to see what the actresses are wearing -- oh to be a glamorous movie star!


  1. Yay! Congrats on finishing report cards! I'm ready for some sunshine and warm weather too. :)

  2. Great news, enjoy the show.

  3. Yay for finishing report cards! One week 'til you're in sunny Arizona :). I hope you have a great time visiting Mr. JB's relatives!

  4. Heya!
    Glad the Report Cards are over:)
    I think I may ask Dr.T to put me on HCG shots.. I dont know why she wouldnt? Whats the protocol to be on them- I'd love to know! Could you send me a IM via FB and about them and why Dr.T put you on them!?
    Peace & Prayers

  5. I loved, loved, loved Sandra Bullock's dress. It was so sparkly and pretty. I also thought Anna Kendrick and Queen Latifah looked great. And I thought the hosts were great.

  6. Sandra bullock looked great!

    I can't wait to hear what you think of big love - what's with only 9 episodes??

    I'm thinking my uti is back. - I went through your posts remembering you had your back pain come back too.. we shall see. what fun, huh?

    enjoy sunny Arizona!!