28 March 2010

Can my life get any busier?

Life has been nuts!

I attended a conference Friday and Saturday which was great, but it left me completely exhausted. It's so hard to pay attention and listen for two days! I did learn a ton and I have some great ideas that I can implement in my class AND I got some cool stuff for my class. Lucky ducks!

I also went to the Y.oga S.how today and I got some really good, well-priced yoga clothes (well, I can wear some of it out and about, but I can wear the stuff OVER my yoga clothes!).

Needless to say it was an expensive weekend, so I have to reign in the spending when we head to Montreal for Easter. Thank God we didn't do a lot of shopping while in Arizona! The only thing that I want to buy next weekend are a pair of yoga jeans -- yes ladies, jeans that are as comfy as yoga pants (or so they say). I'm going to try them on to see how great they are, then I'll see if I make the $100 investment.

In cycle news I can definitely tell that my hormones are on an upswing. My skin feels different (more oily which isn't great, but it's the best indication of something happening). I'm also feeling a tiny bit of boob tenderness AND I started to see fertile CM on Friday. Now that my UTI is finally cleared up we have a much better chance. Last month I wasn't really in the mood for much TTC action since I was pretty sore in my ladypart region.

The only negative is that now that I'm back on all of the fertility drugs (well, the F.emara and HCG) I've gained a bit of weight. It also doesn't help that I'm still taking it easy yoga-wise, so I need to start being much more active if I don't want to put on any more poundage. I really noticed it today while trying on yoga clothes which are really form fitting.

Lastly, I met my best friend's new baby yesterday. I didn't hold him since he was asleep for most of the visit and I hung out with the older kids. My bf's daughter asked me why I didn't have any kids and when I answered, "Well if I had kids I wouldn't be able to travel anymore." And she said, "And you wouldn't be able to buy me presents! Well it's okay that you don't have kids!"

I thought it was pretty funny, but it was a great way to deflect from my IF! I hate being called out by a six year old!


  1. Were you at the Yoga Conference? I was there too!! since thursday.....I AM Wiped!!! I got lots of awesome gear/books ext......spent WAY too much money, but isn't that what yoga is all about? ha, jk

    Glad to hear about the hormones, and I'm happy seeing your babies friend wasn't so bad!!!

  2. Your peppiness is almost contagious! Prayers for you this cycle.

    Do not talk to me about poundage . . . my chunky cheeks (and other parts) look like I've been storing nuts all winter. I'm working hard on it.

  3. Whew, that does sound like a busy time!

    My friend and her 3 kids stayed with us on their way down from Massachusetts to Georgia. The first thing her kids asked me when they came is was "Auntie Sarah, where are your kids?" I said, I don't have any. "But who are all of the kid's books and toys for?"

  4. ha ha, the six year old's response was pretty funny:)

    Good for you for making the visit over there, it sounds like it went about as well as possible!!!

    Praying SOO much for you guys! Glad to hear the UTI is gone!!

  5. prayers for you this cycle!!!

  6. yeah for UTIs that are gone and hope for ttc!

  7. Yoga jeans? Tell us more!

  8. Great answer to the 6-year old!!

    So are you getting closer to Spring Break?

  9. you are a trooper. good for you, making it to your friend's house. and holding up under the inquiry fo a 6-year-old without losing it! yikes! Please keep us updated on this yoga jeans situation!
    And glad your cycle is looking up this month...

  10. I have also been aske by a 6 YO why I didn't have kids...her mom was pretty mad. But they ended up praying for me, maybe ask them to pray for you?

    Don't sweat the extra pounds...it maybe your body's way of getting you ready for pg. :)