1 March 2010

It's back

My bladder infection, that is.

I thought that the five day course of antibiotics was going to do the trick, but considering the pain when I pee and the lower back pain, I don't think that it did. I went to see my GP this afternoon and she had me give her a urine sample, but she wanted to see what the lab has to say. I've loaded up on some cranberry juice and I drank lots of water today, but to no avail.

My birthday party was fun, considering the circumstances. It was quieter than usual and it went well, with the exception of my friend bringing her baby two HOURS after her bedtime. She spent the entire time crying.

Yes, great fun for an infertile.

Our friends that we traveled Europe with came over early so we could have a visit before the party started. They left at little M's bedtime so they wouldn't have to deal with his crying. I wish that my other friend was that considerate. Two other friends left their kids at home with their husbands which I thought was really cool.

Mr. JB and I are still basking in the stellar hockey game win by Team Canada. It was truly a nail-biter and a fantastic game to watch. I'm so glad that we had a day off of school to write report cards 'cos we were up late watching the closing ceremonies. Since the night before was so late we both ended up falling asleep!

In cycle news it's CD15 and I'm seeing nice fertile CM. I've been eating ground flax seed to help with estrogen production and I definitely think it helped (along with the F.emara). I'm definitely feeling strange twinges in my pelvis. I keep on visualizing nice happy follicles that are nice and plump from the F.emara. Mr. JB is feeling extra positive about this cycle for some reason and he has promised to do his part for the team (tee hee).

Off to watch B.ig L.ove, who has a character that is experiencing secondary IF. Seems like us infertiles are infiltrating mass media! ;)


  1. I hope this cycle is the one! I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. I'm so glad you had a fun time at your party (minus the crier!) ;)

  3. I heart big love.
    I dont like fertile friend bringing baby to your bday party (esp if they know that your are ttc) ugh.

    BUT, in the good news camp is that I know quiet a few women who have gotten pregnant when they were having repeat UTIs no idea what the connection is, but, decided to share the hope with you!

  4. I am so sorry it is back-ugh! I have heard that cranberry juice can make it worse with all the sugar, so you might try cranberry capsules from a health food store. I hope you find relief soon!
    I should have thought of you with the hockey-dh was annoyed I chose that time to go shopping at a place with no tvs-he said yes, when he didn't think it would be a close game and then kept checking the score on his phone, lol. Happy Birthday! (I am sorry about your rude friends-I love my son, but both dh and I get so irritable if he cries for long because it is so hard to hear-I can't imagine putting others through that-yikes!)
    Thanks for the info on flax seed-I know I was told to avoid when pregnant, but had no idea why. Nice to know it has this positive effect! I have to take 2 mg of estrace post peak for CD 3-12 since my post peak estogen is really low.
    Yeah for good CM! (wow, this comment got long fast-sorry!)

  5. ugh.. bladder infections are no fun at all. i just got over one, and it was the only i'd ever had with back pain - it was not pleasant. hope yours goes away for good soon.

    isn't big love getting crazier and crazier?

  6. Oh yikes, bladder infection sounds like no fun, and to have it keep coming back?? Even less fun. I've never had one, thank goodness, but I did have a UTI once and it stunk. Cranberry juice did the trick for me, I hope yours goes away quickly, too.

    As for the Canada win, I didn't get to watch the game... but DH and I watched "Miracle" from Netflix tonight- - such an inspirational movie, and I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it! (Maybe more meaningful for someone from the States, but we're all American, eh? :) ) Totally lifted our spirits!

  7. also D-Mannose is supposed to help as well.........maybe take that and the cranberries and see if you can get it to GO away! no fun at all. Go MR JB, taking one for the team,lol!

  8. That game was a nailbiter!!! I was, of course, rooting for USA, but was fine with the fact that Canada won. We both ended up with medals.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  9. I didn't watch much of the Olympics, but I happened to watch the end of the hockey game - wow, it was close! I'm glad you enjoyed the win! :)

    Sorry about the infection. Ugh.