13 March 2010

It could be A LOT worse, right?

So I'm not blogging from Phoenix.

Nor am I at the airport.

We're home.

And no we're not exactly happy about it.

Since I'm a pretty strict rule-follower, we were at the airport three and a half hours before our flight (we were told to be there three hours in advance). Mr. JB confirmed our flight, but when we got to the gate the A.ir C.anada lady said that we had to see at the gate if there were seats.


So we waited in line to be told to wait at the gate only to be to told that we had to get back into the first line. Although the customer service rep was very nice and helpful (I guess she has to deal with stuff like this all the time). We were offered $400 in travel vouchers (not that we ever want to fly on this airline again!) and a free airport limo home and again in the morning for our new flight. They did offer us hotel and meal vouchers, but our house is 20 minutes from the airport and since our luggage is already en route to Arizona, I just wanted to go home, change and sleep in my own bed.

I know that it could be much worse. There was a lady in front of me in line who was trying to make it to Miami for a cruise that was leaving tomorrow at 4pm. Both her and her husband were in the military and they were taking their cute son on vacation. She kept on saying, "At least we have our health" and "It could be a lot worse" in the most sincere way. I felt pretty bad that all I wanted to do was cry (I'm hormonal and on fertility drugs, EVERYTHING makes me cry!).

So hopefully the next time I check in we will be in sunny Arizona. Please say a little prayer for us!


  1. I guess it COULD be worse, but sometimes it sure doesn't feel like it. I find anything airport related makes me completely crazy! I get really upset over the smallest delays. Going through that on fertility drugs, can't even imagine the outcome......I think you did good! I hope the next time you write your sittin in the sun!

  2. That stinks.

    God, I pray you are in sunny Arizona soaking up all the relaxation you can the next time you post.

  3. That totally stinks! I keep hearing of people in similar situations. The airlines keep overbooking or something and then people keep getting bumped. I think it's ridiculous! No other company is allowed to do that! I'm sorry and I hope that your trip more than makes up for this pain in the rump. Keep your eyes on the prize!

  4. How frustrating! I agree with Second Chances.. Why do they get away with that?! Hope to read soon that you're there and having a great time!

  5. Air canada sucks, they seem to do this all the time. We always check in on line at 23 hours and 58 seconds before the flight and print off our seat, that way we got our seat (but I dont know if you can do that for international flights).

    I was once on an ac flight from nfld to toronto that was stopping over in halfiax, and before we landed in halifax the pilot said that everyone had to get off hte plane in halifax as not enough seats were sold (the plane was empty) and they are cancelling the continuation of the flight to toronto!

  6. I would not have been happy. Not at all.

  7. I'm so sorry! Air Canada makes me crazy.

  8. Bummer! Hope you're there by now and enjoying the sun :).

  9. Oh no! What a bummer! Hope everything works out. :)