9 May 2011

Thank God...

...that it's a new day.

And that it's sunny.

And that I don't have to hear "Happy Mother's Day" or be wished it in error (it only happened once, but it still stung).

I survived without tears.

Lord, please help me be a mother next year.


  1. Amen, a beautiful prayer! I am praying for you too and I am glad it is sunny there. We got a nasty storm early this morning and now it is pouring.

  2. I am glad it's a beautiful, sunny day! I pray next year will be a different kind of Mother's Day for you too. Someone accidentally wished me a Mother's Day this year. That was... awkward.

  3. I second your post! Right there with you.

  4. I pray your MOther's Day will be DRASTICALLY different next year. ((hugs))

  5. I have had that happen several times, being wished a Happy Mothers day....ouch,sting.

    This year when I could have it....I was stuck at home. :)

    Here's hoping next year is great!

  6. I have been away for a little bit and just read your last 4 blog posts....so so sorry that you and your husband are feeling mocked, totally understandable given the recent announcements. Praying for you!

  7. I'm glad the day is over for you, too. Praying next year is entirely different.