23 May 2011

Prayers please!

I'm in need of your help again, my dear blog friends.

Mr JB's Aunt Fran had a heart attack this afternoon. She's about 80 and is in pretty good health, or so we thought until just now. We saw her after mass yesterday and she was so happy to see us. Aunt Fran has survived two husbands (one that was killed in a train accident while she was pregnant with her third child), the deaths of two son-in-laws and has a daughter-in-law who is currently battling cancer. She lives in a house right beside the Catholic church in Mr JB's hometown, so hopefully that proximity will help out.

She is the sweetest lady and has one of the biggest hearts in a person so small.

We had a couple of months of quiet, I guess.

Please storm heaven for our Auntie Fran!!!!!