11 May 2011

Calling Omaha

In the midst of all of the feel-me-sorries and getting used to my new diet (as I type this I have been gorging on the most tasty gluten-free popped corn chips, not low GI at all, but I just need to eat them!) I completely forgot that I got a letter from the Pope Paul VI Institute!

For those of you that are not in the loop, my Canadian Napro doctor is trying to get my provincial health care to pay for my surgery in Omaha. She sent my file to Omaha for Dr. Hilgers to review and I received a copy of the review a few weeks ago.

So these are Dr. H's recommendations:

"She should have a thorough hormone evaluation of her menstrual cycle (without medications), a thyroid system dysfunction panel, an ultrasound series to determine whether there is an ovulation-related defect, and a diagnostic laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and selective hysterosalpingogram, as well as, possible dilation and curettage (D&C) and endometrial cultures.  I do realize that she has had a laparotomy in the past for endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, and uterine fibroids; however, given that she experienced a pelvic infection postoperatively, there is a high likelihood of discovering pelvic adhesions in addition to possible recurrence of endometriosis lesions or a persistant endometrioma based on the postoperative diagnostic CT imaging."

He also continued to say that I would need to stay in Omaha for 7 to 10 days to complete everything.

Holy moly!

My Napro doctor said that when I received the letter that I would have to call Omaha to get a tentative surgery date, which I did when I got home from school. I spoke to a very friendly nurse on the phone and I was told that I would be phoned next Tuesday to schedule.

I have no idea whether my provincial health care will pay for my procedure. Dr. Nora, my naturopath extraordinaire thinks that it would be very good PR for the government to fund my surgery as an alternative to ART. I never thought of myself as a public spokeswoman for Catholic IF, but if it's going to get my ladyparts cleaned up, I will have to do it.

I hope that the powers that be will be sympathetic to my poor barren self. We could find the funds to pay for surgery, but it would be so wonderful for someone else to do it!


Update of my weirdo bleeding: It hasn't subsided, but hasn't gotten any heavier. It seems to be the same timing as the bleeding that happened November, although so much lighter. Unfortunately it's definitely been more brown than anything. [sigh]

Can't an IF girl get a break????


  1. Hi! today I reviewed Dr.hilgers book the napro revolution and looked up causes of unusual bleeding. He mentions several: early in the mucus cycle, in the middle of it and at the end of it. They have to do with polyps, estrogen and ovulation mainly. Depends when and the type. Can you have access to the book? Its really great and answers many questions. Regarding the vist to Omaha. I also am out of country and my insurance did not cover it. It took me forever to make the decision due to this. For my laparoscopy the hospital gave me a discount due to my lack of insurance. The hospital and dr. H cost me some 9 to 10 K USD. The hotel stay was very cheap since they have a special rate including transportatin, breakfast and dinner. I did not do the U/S series there and my operation was only a laparoscopy.

  2. Yaaaaaaay come to Omaha and hang out with me!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I find this to be very hopeful!!!!

  4. new stuff to try means HOPE girl!! go with it!!

  5. Ugh, sorry about the brown bleeding, but I love the idea of you being a Catholic IF spokes woman! Go, JellyBelly! :) The reply to your letter is exactly like mine was with the exception of the last line. I think you will be so glad to get this done and have all the resulting info. Now to get it paid for...well wouldn't that be icing on the cake!

  6. you are CERTAINLY a spokes person for catholic IF and I am sure a role model for many MANY woman!!! I really hope the government will pay for this...if not maybe our little group can have a fundraiser?

  7. I hope they pay! You never know with OHIP, hoping you can find a kind person(they don't pay for ivf, so I'm not sure if you can work the alternative to ART angle), but, perhaps you may hit a good person.

    But, I'm with Tishi, an infertile fundraiser! I'm all about it!!

  8. Good luck. That sounds very thorough. I hope you get covered too.

  9. Wow, I am excited that Omaha doc has so many ideas for you to try! Getting down to the dirt of it! GL with the government - let me know if I can write a letter to an MPP to help!

  10. I hope they will pay! What a great idea to see if they would financially support you. I hope this works out for you.

    I am sorry about the bleeding- I hate abnormal bleeding, it just makes you feel even worse...like your body is so broke! (I am not saying your body is broke...I mean that is how I feel.)

  11. I certainly hope they pay for it, but if not I like Tishi's idea, perhaps a fund raiser would be in order. If anybody is desevring of a break, it's you. xoxoxox