9 May 2011

Spring Fever

The sunshine totally lifted my spirits today.

I'm so tired of seeing all of the depressing blog posts so I thought I would post about something that wasn't so sad.

I know that this is a TTC blog and that it is pretty obvious what activities one has to engage in to help facilitate conception.

Do you know where I'm going here?

Well, for the past week I've been feeling a lot more randy (I just made sure that the definition was correct on dictionary.com, and yes if you check it out, I do mean the first definition).

I have to admit that after almost six years of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby that my libido isn't always at its peak. Anyone that has gone through IF knows how much of a trial it can be to even want to engage in marital relations. I assume that it's my normalizing hormones coupled with all of the amazing herbs, tinctures and vitamins that my naturopath has me on as well as the arrival of warmer weather.

Mr. JB is thrilled, to say the least!

Anyone have any insight into this latest development?


  1. Woo hoo!! Go girl! Get yours. Or whatever they say. :)

  2. God made our bodies so that we would want it at the right time. I think it is a very good sign. So happy for your husband:).

  3. Sounds like a good time!! Run with it!! ;)

    So glad to hear today you're in better spirits! You were in my thoughts and prayers many times yesterday. Thanks for my prayers also!

  4. glad to have to look up the proper definition of 'randy' - thank you austin powers! also, glad things are looking up. i think i've been isolated from the realities of mother's day but facebook brought me fresh images of my pregnant friends with their roses...i imagine sitting in mass and actually understanding the homily in a country where you speak the language is much, much harder than i have it here. i have been super drawn to my husband as well...maybe it is spring fever! but yeah, take it and run with it!