16 May 2011

Random Monday Night Thoughts

1) First off, thank you all for your comments on my last post (yes, even the ones that were eaten up and erased forever by Blogger). The nurses at the PPVI are going to call tomorrow afternoon and hopefully Mr. JB can talk to them to arrange a surgery date. As soon as we get a date, I can let my Napro doctor know and she can send in that paperwork!

2) I was overcome with gratitude when I read Tishi's comments about having a fundraiser for my surgery if my provincial health insurance doesn't cover my surgery. Part of me would feel guilty to raise money, but it would make things so much easier! I've also decided to write my local politicians to ask for their help. This is an election year and our local MPP and our newly elected MP are also Catholic, so who knows? It could only help, right?

3) I've been so torn about what to do with our adoption plans. My heart is really set on international adoption, but there is no way we could do a surgery in the US and adopt from Asia. I feel like we are really called to adopt a baby from close to where my family is from. I wish that it wasn't so important for me to have a child that looks somewhat like me, but it does.

4) It looks like my brother-in-law is heading to East Africa next year. He's almost done his studies in Rome and then he will be in Boston for a short while and then he'll be in Africa for a year. He floated the idea of being in Ethiopia. My first thought was, "Maybe he could find us a baby to adopt!" I was hoping that he would end up in the Philippines so my family could take care of him, but alas that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

5) School is ridiculously busy. I feel like I haven't stopped in weeks! I have a couple of students that have been acting really strange lately. I've had to pray for patience more than once, and I'd appreciate a couple prayers that I can stay patient. I don't like to raise my voice, but sometimes it's unavoidable (particularly when they're doing things that aren't safe!). I suspect that one of the kids is somewhere on the autism spectrum, but I know that his mother is not prepared to deal with a diagnosis like that!

6) A really nice house came on the market and Mr. JB and I decided that we were going to pass. I think that we need to focus our money on getting me healthier and growing our family. We're not going to stop looking, but I know in my heart that this is not the right time to be house hunting.

7) I've been so exhausted. I think that my body (and particularly my liver) have been working overtime! On top of all of my vitamins and liquid herbs, I'm taking E.strace, Met.formin (which is going so much better), HCG, and LDN. I've been waking up with a headache since starting E.strace post-Peak. It also doesn't help that it's cold and rainy. Yuck.

8) I have to get my Peak +7 blood work done tomorrow. Again, yuck.

9) I have a cyst on the bottom of my middle toe on my left foot. I went to my GP (yes, the one that I can't stand) and she's going to send me to a foot specialist. Not fun. I hope that it can removed in a doctor's office. The last thing I want is to be under anaesthesia again!

10) I've been having problems with my jaw again. My RMT and my chiropractor have been working on it for months! I asked my chiropractor if she thought that an osteopath would work (she doesn't, but she thinks that it would help my IF). I think that I may need a hypnotist since all of my jaw issues are subconscious. I see my dentist in July so hopefully he has some ideas. Do any of you have any experience with hypnotists? I'm serious here.

I need to get to bed and say my novenas!!!

p.s. This is my 504th post! So crazy!


  1. I hope things with PPVI move along smoothly! In regards to the cost... I like the idea of a fund raiser or even contacting your politicians. There needs to be more options! Today, I have to make the dreaded call to our insurance in the US to see if they'll cover any of PPVI. :(

    Also, congrats on pursuing the adoption front, even if closer to home than expected.

    Praying for your other intentions.

  2. I agree with Sarah- love the fundraiser idea!! And I feel the same way about adoption- I would prefer a child in my race. I do not feel bad about that. We are all called to different things.

    Good luck with your p+7.

  3. Praying for patience! Good to focus on growing the family now instead of houses, imho. I've been thinking more about local adoption - both because it is so much cheaper, and because I am guessing the paperwork is less harrowing? Don't know.

  4. I'm praying for each and every one of your intentions!! Hope you had a wonderful day today!!