20 April 2011

What next? (Yes, JB has yet another diagnosis!)

I'm going to start with the good news first:

My hormones ROCK! Apparently the regimen that Dr. Nora has me on, coupled with the HCG and Es.trace has finally done the trick. In February my Peak +7 progesterone was 109.9 nmol/L and my estrogen was 588pmol/L. And at my last Peak +7 (we were away in the DR, so I missed March, wasn't that wonderful?), my progesterone was 98.1 nmol/L and my estrogen was 688pmol/L.

Five viable cycles.

I'm so happy that my body seems to be working.

Unfortunately, this is where the good news ended. Dr. T wanted me to have my insulin-resistance tested and I dragged my feet for the longest time to get it done. I knew that I didn't have PCOS, so I didn't think that it was important.

Alas, my bloodwork proved otherwise.

My glucose fasting level was 4.7mmol/L and after two hours it was 6.2mmol/L. My insulin at fasting was 56.0pmol/L. After drinking the nasty orange drink and waiting two hours my insulin was 247.0pmol/L.

That is not good.

I am so glad that Mr. JB was with me and that I had my i.Phone so I could text TCIE and Sew. I don't have PCOS, and my male hormones aren't elevated (at least they weren't when I had my last full hormone panel done in July). I have a prescription for Met.formin and yet another bunch of dietary restrictions.

I feel so defeated, but I know that I should feel relieved that I have something else to fix. My insulin-resistance could be a missing link. I was hoping to get tested for MTHFR, but my doctor had an urgent call about a patient in ICU and the end of our appointment was cut short. I hope that Dr. Nora and I can work on a game plan so I can present a better case to Dr. T in June.

So, what do I do now? I eat really well, but I'm lost when it comes to low GI foods. From what little I found out from Dr. Google is that foggy brain and fatigue are two symptoms -- two things that I have attributed to adrenal fatigue (Dr. T was okay with my self-increase of my morning dosage, she even wrote me another prescription, so now I'm at 10mg in the morning and at lunch).

I'm trying not to freak out, but it's hard. My diet is already so limited that yet another set of restrictions may push me off the edge!


  1. I'm glad you're figuring out another piece of the puzzle! Think of low GI not as another restriction, but as a slightly different approach. And keeping your blood sugar constant will have major added other health benefits.

  2. Glad your P+7 are improving!! Sorry about the new dx~ huh! I agree with CS, look at the health benefits w/ a stable blood sugar..sending hugs!

  3. Ugh- so sorry about the glucose-intolerance results. Maybe Metformin will correct that without major diet changes? I have PCOS and try to follow a lower GI diet..but mainly I just try to stay away from "red" foods on the list. Good luck. Praying this is the last piece of the puzzle for you!

  4. I'm a lurker to your blog but I wanted to comment and say I started low GI a few years back and AYWH emailed me some great recipes. I don't have the recipes on hand but I'm sure if you emailed her, she could send them your way. I hope this helps a bit.

  5. I think I have the same thing as you do in least the insulin resistance without the other stuff. Taking metformin (glumetza) as well. Ugh! But if your hormone levels are good and metformin helps with ovulation, it is pretty promising. It's good and bad when they find something.

  6. You'll be able to manage this just fine! You are disciplined, healthy(er) and you can do this! Still praying for you!!!

  7. Congrats on the good P+7 hormones!!

    I hope hope hope the insulin resistance is THE missing link! That thought would be my main (or only?) motivation if I had to add more restrictions to my already-limited diet... You can do this! :)

  8. I'll cut to the chase and give you all I got:

    Fresh Mozarella Cheese
    Hot Sausage
    Spinach in garlic oil
    diet Root Beer
    or diet green tea

    Wasa Crackers
    Peanut Butter in moderation

    Did I say cheese?

    Praying for you. Insulin resistance is responsible for NK and cykokines and toxicity which damages the eggs and renders them unable to be fertilized.

    Low carb and lovin' it. That is my motto!

  9. I'll email you tomorrow! The book "The G.I Diet" is great. I got the "express" version and it was just what I needed.. a quick reference for the foods I could and couldn't eat.

    I am praying for you!!! I pray that this extra dietary change won't be too hard. You already have to worry about so much!!

  10. Oh no!!! that is so many restrictions, I think its great that your finding more pieces of this very complicated puzzle, but I wish it didn't included more of a dietary set back. Maybe it would be as easy as eating protein with ever meal and having small meals throughout the day? Either way I know you well enough to know that you can take anything that comes to you and beat it, I just wish there were less things that you need to overcome!

  11. I had the same glucose intolerance result (mild, not severe, but not what was expected) on a TOTALLY ROUTINE test to get OK'd to use the gym at work (weird - yes). I have never come back with a single symptom of PCOS, and I'm not hypoglycemic (several family members are, mildly), and I don't react more strongly than most people to sweets (or so I thought). I'm supposed to get retested - as of months ago - and I just haven't gotten around to it, in part because it's a pain, and in part because I just feel that I don't need this. But I guess I should get that looked at - along with all the other tests I'm supposed to be doing. Sigh...

    Let me know how you find the low GI business. From what little I know, it sounds like it will cut out a lot of the, well, FOOD from my diet. Not cool.

  12. Ugh, I am so sorry. :( But I agree with My Heart Exults, you can do this! Keeping you in my prayers!

  13. Can you still have wine? Gosh, girlfriend you need a big shopping trip..why not Buffalo and the coach store!

    YOu are a strong cookie so keep that strength you have within you to overcome this other "hiccup". Diet restrictions such a drag and a bummer. I am learning so much from your blog about what you learn about yourself and what is good to eat or not. Still experimenting on my "try to eat less bread/pasta challenge" feel lighter but can't wait to lose some extra pounds..thanks for the suggestion.

    We need another meetup very very soon! girl power to cheer you on!
    Don't let this bring your spirit down and stop you from smiling! Remember that comment you made at our fertlity yoga..I am feeling the best right now with my health baby or no baby. That is so liberating to hear! More of us should listen to that and strive for that wonderful feeling. YOu are the strongest woman i've met in my life...the best part--you still keep yourself looking gorgeous/fashionable and that infections smile of yours! always make my day! YOu will have your family and be a wonderful mom one day soon..I see it! HUGS!

  14. okay, if you have to have a dx like this, what better way then to share it with your friends and have all of this great support and love and practical advice on how to? :) I am thrilled for your great hormones! I know how defeating a dx can be, but as you said, one more thing to fix and make a difference. hang in there! sending virtual blogger hugs!

  15. GOsh I am so sorry to hear about the insulin test, it will be harder to eat for sure now, at least harder to plan for but....

    You are finding out some valuable information that can help you attain a pregnancy! Praise God you have some answers to start working with. I just hate it is going to be so hard for you to eat :(

  16. Oh wow... I am sorry you have to deal with this but yes, maybe it is that needed missing puzzle piece? Low GI diets can still be tasty, I think? AYWH undoubtedly has some great recipes. :) And although I don't have recipes on hand at the moment, my MIL is great at making amazing low-carb meals like manicotti (she replaces the pasta part with a egg crepe... so delicate and delicious). One of her favorite desserts (when she just can't stand avoiding sugar anymore) is a low-sugar chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in.

  17. *sorry, I made it sound like the low GI was awful for my MIL, ha! No, it's not, she just needs the occasional treat. :)

  18. First of all I am so glad your hormones look great! Second, sorry about the other diagnosis -but like everyone else I hope it's the piece to the puzzle that you need! :)
    As for diet - let me know if you ever need help since that's what I do for a living :) I also would NOT recommend eating sausage and cheese as mentioned above... You do have to watch the carbohydrates you're eating, and choose options that won't spike your blood sugar, but that doesn't mean to go on an "atkins type" diet where you're eating a bunch of meat and cheese :) Just thought I'd give you my two cents as a nutrition professional! You know we're all here to help you!!! Big hugs dear!!! You will do great at this, I have no doubt!

  19. ps - be careful what "low GI" advice you take - my dad went on the diet for a while and ate a lot of peanut M&Ms because guess what? they have a low GI level! sigh. haha ;)

  20. This could just be the missing piece for you JB.

    I am on Metformin, and it isn't so bad, just start it gradually - once a day and work your way up to the final dose over a bit of time.

    I would think your diet right now won't need a whole lot of modification. You eat very healthy and many of the high GI foods are already eliminated from your diet. Even the higher ones, like white potatoes, can still be eaten in smaller quantities.

  21. Sooooo glad about the good news, and praying about the rest… It would be awesome, though, if that were the missing link!

  22. I wanted to let you know I left you an award on my page! You are certainly deserving of it!

    Glad to hear your hormones are good. Bummer about the new DX. Hope you get some good news soon!