25 April 2011

Happy Easter & Prayer Buddy Reveal

This was a particularly difficult Easter weekend.

Not only was I feeling under the weather, but my latest diagnosis has really gotten me down. I've almost been afraid to eat since the glycemic index is something completely new to me. It also doesn't help that the Met.formin is doing a number on my belly. I am no stranger to stomach upset and I have learned the hard way to take the new meds immediately after eating. Does anyone else have any advice concerning Met.formin? I'm on two 500mg pills, twice a day and I have no idea if it is the slow-release kind.

What stumps me the most is my non-PCOS diagnosis of insulin-resistance. Mr. JB swears that my Napro doc said that it has no bearing on my fertility, but I am doubtful. The research I have done on Dr. Google has not proven very fruitful!

Mr. JB has been so incredibly supportive. We went to the bookstore today and he helped me pick out a cookbook and a GI guide to eating out. My biggest concern is incorporating low GI eating with being gluten, dairy and egg-free. My diet is already so limited, having yet another set of restrictions is just crazy-making!

I'm going to try my best to pray for patience. I will continue to offer up this new set of frustrations for my prayer buddy.

Which brings me to my reveal...

I had the wonderful blessing of praying for a blogger that I have had the pleasure of meeting WAY back at the first barren wives weekend in August 2009. She is such a lovely person and I am still in awe of the fact that she went running in the crazy hot Tennessee weather! I was praying for E at God's Plan is My Joy

I prayed my daily rosary for her intentions, I offered up many a yoga class (there was a lot of sweat offered up for you E!) and I was able to pray for her in front of St. Anthony's relics when they were visiting a local parish. My favourite place to pray for you E was on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Every day I took a solo walk on the beach (I love my husband, but the 20 minutes away while praying was wonderful!) and listen to the rosary on my i.Phone. It was one of my most beautiful places I have ever prayed!

I am so blessed to call you my friend, E! I will continue praying for you and your beautiful family!

And lastly, thank you to my wonderful prayer buddy Karey at All You Who Hope! She was also at the BW weekend and she has been such a supportive friend. I read her blog post today and I started to cry tears of joy in the car as Mr. JB pumped gas! My Lent was quite the adventure and I felt your prayers!

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I want another bw weekend!!

  2. You are a strong lady, it is pretty tough to hear that you have to limit your diet once again. It is certainly frustrating and tough as when you do go out and eat there is basically alot of places that doesn't provide us with enough options. Great that your DH is so supportive and helpful that is so great that he is taking good care of you!
    See you this Friday! HUGS!

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  4. Thank you SO much!! Because of your suffering and prayers this was a very fruitful Lent. You are the best!! Email to follow...:)

  5. I tried metformin too and really didn't like it. I am taking glumetza now which is slow release and supposed to be a little easier on the system. Maybe worth a try. Wow, you are amazing to do that diet. I haven't even really been able to stick to the low GI diet. Hope your ND can help you with that. Blessed Easter!

  6. When I first went on Metformin I had terrible side-effects for about 6 months. It was really exhausting. I found that nibbling on light snacks helped (almost like really bad morning sickness). If you're going low GI, I think that nuts are an option.

  7. I hated Metformin, but took it for three months over the summer while off of school. My stomach was upset all the time, and once I ate I was usually in the bathroom within the hour. I did ovulate while on it, but never conceived. When I had to go back to school in the fall I had to stop taking it because it was hard to work and take it. Did not like it, but I know it has worked for other people.