11 April 2011

Culinary Distractions

I honestly have nothing new to report on the TTC front, aside from the fact that I always forget to order my prescription of HCG and then I have to wait to start my needles on Peak +4 because I'm not prepared. For some reason I really don't care, let's call it IF-related apathy. So there.

So Mr. JB and I have been doing meatless-Mondays since the new year started and it has been going really well. I usually do most of the meatless cooking since Mr. JB is more of the staple chef -- he's got his repertoire of recipes that he is comfortable cooking, while I am the more adventurous one in the kitchen. [Just a sidebar, when we first met Mr. JB was a hot dog and take out kind of guy, since we got married and moved in together he has become quite the proficient cook. He hated waiting for me to come home from work or working out to start dinner so I told him early on that if he wanted to eat early then he had to cook. Lucky for me he rose to the challenge! I just wish that he could do more handy things around the house too, but I shouldn't complain.]

I've rediscovered the cookbook written by the woman that runs the retreat centre that I visited a couple of weekends ago. The recipes are great, but they take a LONG time to prepare and need quite a few ingredients. When I lived in France I learned to make tasty food with simple ingredients, however Nicola's recipes require many spices and interesting ingredients, but the results are always so amazing. I spent a couple of hours yesterday preparing salad dressing, a salad, a beet dip (which is so amazing, I ate it for breakfast this morning!) and then I made a big pot of vegetarian curry for dinner tonight.

I have toyed with the idea of going vegetarian many times in my past and I know that I feel fantastic the less meat that I eat. My two biggest roadblocks are the fact that I crave meat (there's nothing like a steak taco salad at my favourite Mexican place) and that my husband is a carnivore. I couldn't imagine having to prepare two different meals in our tiny kitchen! We have changed our meat-buying habits in the past few years. I will only buy organic and free range, and we're so lucky that our grocery store has quite the selection of traditionally-raised meats. I have noticed the taste difference since switching and when I don't eat organic meat, I can tell!

Now I know that we are very fortunate to be able to afford to eat organically. There are many things that I would give up first before I changed my eating habits. Since I suffer from digestive issues I can appreciate feeling good after eating.

At my fertility yoga class last Friday we talked about all of the things that we have deprived ourselves of because of our IF. I know for me that the paradigm has shifted. I have no idea if I will ever conceive, but I know that all of the changes that I've implemented -- from changing my cleaning products to my diet, will help me in the long run. I may be infertile, but I am the healthiest that I have been in my entire life. Who would've thought that I would be grateful for IF!

Do any of you have any interesting vegetarian recipes that you'd like to share? I will cook just about anything as long as it's gluten, egg and dairy-free!


  1. I am on a white bean minestrone kick lately and it can totally be vegetarian. I usually make it with chicken stock, but you can use veggie stock, no problem.

    I cook white beans (or open a can of them) and add them to a pot with veggies, whatever is in the fridge. Zucchini, green beans, peppers (I know you can't eat them,)potatoes, peas, carrots. It's an anything-goes pot of soup for the most part.

  2. My husband makes a mean vegetarian and gluten/dairy free mac and cheese, sounds impossible I know, but its good. I will try to get you the recipe!!

  3. Please post that beet dip recipe! I'm obsessed with beets! I'm also addicted to sensitive pantry blog.... ;)

  4. I also think if there is one thing that is good about being IF is that on this path you discover a way to become healthier. I also have been at my best in this journey.

    I cannot recommend a specific recepie but can recommend fully the book How to cook everything vegetarian by Mark Bittman, its an amazing book just like How to cook everything by him also.

  5. I don't have any great vegetarian recipes, because like you I am married to a carnivore of the extreme persuasion and I couldn't imagine cooking 2 different meals. In fact on one Friday during the fall / winter 2 years ago I made a vegetarian white bean chili. My DH looked at me and said "What, it is not Lent - did you forget the meat?" LOL!!! I said no, this is the recipe. He added that next time I should add chicken - ha!! But good luck if you do try it!

    And yes, that is an interesting outcome (and beneficial to boot) of having IF - better diet and feeling great! I need to get in gear on that end as well!! You are an inspiration!

  6. We actually LOVE greek vegetarian food - if you skip the milk recipes, the rest are AMAZING. I will try to bring the recipe for Celeriac Avgolomeno on Friday. Also, stuffed roasted peppers/tomatoes (be sure to add fresh dill!) sound sort of 'been-there' but can be surprisingly good. DH is even up for 'Greek Smorgasbord Night' pretty often - hummus, dolmades, roasted peppers, dandelions greens - yum!

  7. "I may be infertile, but I am the healthiest that I have been in my entire life." Isn't this the truth...I feel the same way. At least something good comes out of, right?

    Oh, and may I say how jealous I am that your hubby cooks? That is awesome. My husband cooked once. I remember walking into the kitchen while he was browning hamburger meat and as he turned towards me - his glasses were all fogged up. Awww..."That's okay, honey. I'll take it from here." :)

  8. You lived in France? Wow, how awesome that must've been...

    How great your DH cooks, I totally enjoy cooking but would love if mine took the initiative every now and then to whip some dinner up.

    I am impressed by your strictness in your diet. I try to buy mostly organic, but our local store doesn't offer much and it is a hassle to drive into Memphis to go to Whole Foods sometimes.

  9. I am not an actual vegetarian but we go weeks without earring meat, my husband was a big carnivore, but, I do the cooking, and he eats(and likes) what I cook, of course his lunch is supplied to him at work and he always has meat for lunch, so going veggie in the night is pretty easy.

    Your post is timely because I recently gave up eggs and dairy so I'm considering just going vegan(except on Christmas, then I will have turkey!).

    Its interesting tuning about what I gave up for infertility (career,travel, and stuff).

  10. I love this eggplant recipe:

    Before you start casserole, bake sliced eggplant (1/2 inch each) in oven on 350 for about 25 minutes (with olive oil, s & p) on it.

    a. Then put olive oil in casserole dish. Put eggplant slices on bottom of dish.
    b. Layer with mozzarella cheese slice on top and then a leave of basil.
    c. Repeat with another layer of eggplant.
    d. Then pour tomato sauce over it all.
    e. sprinkle with Parmesan.
    f. Bake at 350 for a while...I can't remember how long but probably at least 30 minutes.

    SOOOO YUM!!!

  11. CS, tishi and Jellybelly..how come we have never exchanged healthy recipies amongst us?? why don't we blog these fantastic recipies to share!!!CS, vegan greek food!!! do share! I want to read more culinary adventures..especially about healthy vegan, gluten free whatever recipies! i'm kind of stuck right now on what to make!!!

  12. Good for you on the Meatless Mondays front. I ran across your blog as part of the blogroll on http://preshusme.com. I should do more of that. My hubby is a huge carnivore and I love me a good steak, since I’m a Kansas girl, but you’re right your body feels more… efficient sans meat. Also yay for your husband on stepping up to the culinary plate. (ha!) Mine isn’t handy around the house, nor does he cook, nor does he clean. It’s funny he can build a computer from scratch, but he can’t figure out sorting laundry. Good think I love him dearly. ;-) Your blog is awesome thanks for sharing your insights and good luck on the IVF front. Most of my friends have gone through that and it’s not an easy road at all. :)