12 April 2011


Apparently I am a masochist.

For the past couple of years I have done our taxes and this year  I volunteered to do my parents' as well. I thought I was being a good daughter since I know their accountant charges them WAY too much money for a simple return. Unfortunately, my mother and father have decided to make their taxes the most difficult feat possible.

My parents hate coming to our house. They complain that it's far and they're busy (yes, my retired dad who has no hobbies is SO busy, and we live in the SAME city, only 20 minutes away). Yesterday, I called my mom to remind her to get the access code from Re.venue Can.ada and she said that she wanted me to call for her since she had no time.

Yes, my mother who had the day off did not have the time to make a five minute phone call. She said that she wanted me to call on her behalf. She didn't care that I was driving (don't worry, I was using my Blue.tooth!) and on my way to the eye doctor. She also didn't care that I have a job where I have work to do at home, nor does she care that I actually lead a busy life.

So I just got off the phone with my crazy mother and she said that she can't come over to my house until EASTER MONDAY because of her busy schedule. I have been pestering her about their tax return since early March. It is April 12th today. Apparently my mother thinks that celebrating the resurrection of our Lord with stressful finances is a great idea.

I'm hoping that I can get our taxes done tonight so I can cross it off of my to-do list. I'm hoping that I don't have to pay too much back, if any. My job with the Ministry last summer wasn't taxed so I'm more than a bit afraid that I will have pay back (one of the biggest reasons why I banked my earnings in a high yield savings account.  I hope that I don't have to touch it since I decided that if my provincial health care doesn't pay for surgery with Dr. H, then I will be able to pay for surgery with Dr. S in PA).

I hate dealing with money. And I also resent the fact that money stands in the way of so many things -- mainly what type of adoption we are going to pursue and what type of fertility treatments that I am willing to do.


p.s. If you want to share any of your favourite vegetarian/vegan recipes just click on my post from yesterday and leave a comment. My mouth is watering just thinking of trying your suggestions! 


  1. You are a brave woman doing your parents taxes!!! Hoping your get through them without pulling your hair out!!!

    My husband usually files for an extension and waits until August to finish them...if it were up to me I'd file them the first week of February when I could!

    Good luck!!!

  2. Ugh! I hear your frustration with your parents!! Taxes, I did my parents taxes once and it was hard, and complicatedmwith the whole income splitting and the hundreds of medical receipts.

    Money, i hate how it determines life too, i am the queue. Of living frugally, we had to in order to afford the fertility treatments, and if you ever want to discuss ways to be cheek, I'm your chick!

    Good luck with the taxes.

  3. MAAAAN!!! when are taxes due there? They're due this Friday for us. Sooo we had to get them done. last week. lol. Nothing like doing it last minute ;)
    I hope that your taxes (and your parents!) are easy to do!!! and that you do not have to pay ANYTHING! I have always owed money (for working too much. I know, makes no sense. My second job last year knocked money off our return.) but this year we FINALLY get money back! first time evaaaa for me! so there is hope for you! :)

    I can't stand money stuff and I tend to worry about it too much (which is not good of me :-/) so Ryan tries to take care of most of the bills etc.

    Hugs dear!

  4. Good luck! I've never actually done my own taxes since my mom is a CPA, and after I got married, DH started doing them. I don't envy you!

  5. Oh man, taxes are the worst! Not looking forward to it! It is the bandaid-rip-off of April! Um... so maybe next year you should just have your parents use their overpriced accountant. They don't seem mindful of how much stress it adds for you. And stress for you is not good! :)

  6. Awe I'm sorry friend. I hate that they are putting this stress on you. You don't need that! Maybe a little honesty might put them into perspective. Either way, hugs around your neck.

  7. Your dad sounds like my dad. I hope you are able to pursue adoption and that you find some healing throught that process.