13 April 2011

Is this a sign???

So my friends, is this a sign??


  1. WOO WEEEEE I HOPE SO!!!! PRAISE GOD! I am so glad they're making changes! Changes need to be made in SO many countries... w/regards to adoption I mean...

    How incredibly sad that so many children grow up to age 18 and leave there without ever having a permanent family :( breaks my heart.

  2. OMG I think that most definitely is a sign!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

  3. This sounds very interesting. I say it is a sign :)

  4. Yes. I believe it is a sign!!!! Yes, yes, yes. I wish I could go up there right now and help you fill out the blasted paperwork. I love doing other people's paperwork!
    Ha! But seriously, I want you to be in cue to get that baby of yours.

  5. Yes! Wow, exciting news!

  6. YES!!! yeah for the overhaul, sounds like it is MUCH NEEDED!!

  7. I was thinking of you when I heard this news report :) I was also thinking there are some treasured children of God who need some love and stability, and will have the chance to find a forever family if/when these reforms occur. I am sure God will lead you on the path He has in mind for you, and for some kids longing for a mommy and daddy who can love them and care for them ...

  8. I can't believe that they have left these children languishing in foster care forever because they can't be bothered to take off orders that were declared null five years ago. That's astounding. Imagine if the foster children could sue for the damage that's been done them by the legal system blocking their path to adoption! (No, I know suing people doesn't solve everything, but the one time it's really useful is providing a massive financial incentive for people to change their behavior.) It looks like the press did a pretty good job providing that incentive here. If you start your paperwork now, you could become eligible just as the promised reforms go into effect!

  9. Hi,

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  10. WOW JB...this is SUPER cool!! I haven't even read the whole article and got pretty excited. :) Thanks for posting...and many many blessings in your discernment.

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