6 April 2011

Protecting My Heart, the Real Estate Edition *Updated

We're going to look at another house tonight.

[breathing deeply]

At first our agent thought it was overpriced, but he saw it in person today and he says that it's a better house than the one that we didn't get.

I would've rather not seen the house since it doesn't have a garage, but our agent thinks that we can get it for less than asking (I'm more than a little sceptical about that since it's totally a seller's market) and it is completely renovated.

Who would've thought that IF would've taught me how to protect my heart from disappointment?

So friends, could you please say a little prayer for us? I promise to update later this evening!


Update: It was a much better house than the one that we fell in love with, but it wasn't our house. We could see why our real estate agent loved it so much, but after our visit we spent 15 minutes convincing ourselves why it was a good house.

Definitely not a good sign.

The best thing about seeing this house is that we're open to looking at different types of houses -- ideally I would like a side-split or a back-split (basically, I don't want a conventional two-storey house since I want to grow old in it and I don't want to be an old lady climbing up huge flights of stairs), but this was a bungalow and it had more space than I thought it would.

Apparently the Lord wants to teach me more patience.

I didn't think that I needed more practice, but He knows best, right?

Thank you for the prayers! (Prayer buddy, I'm making you work overtime!!!! Thanks!!!!!)


  1. Hope it works out. IF taught me a lot too, it's funny isn't it?

  2. GOOD LUCK!! So funny...it's a buyer's market down here!

  3. Prayers coming your way.

  4. How very exciting for you and I hope it works out. The RE market is ridiculous esp. right now.

  5. I hope this is the one! I said a prayer!

  6. Got the update!
    Funny enough, every time we found a house that we over, and brought, we never talked while moving through the house, we just quietly looked, and once we left, then we look at each other and say "that one", the first time, i though it was a fluke, but every time so far!
    When you find your house, you will know.

  7. Praying for you and hoping that the perfect house falls in your lap!

  8. Oooo can you post pics:) I love visuals!

  9. You are being so patient! The perfect house will be revealed to you at some point...and it will be great!

  10. Even though it didn't work out with this one, I'm glad you sound at peace about it. You really seem like you know what you want, which means you'll know when you see it! And I love how you are thinking about a house to fit your needs when you're an old woman, despite being so young! I mean, it's very, very smart of you, just cracks me up for some reason!

  11. I am bewildered by it being a seller's market anywhere right now! But that explains why it won't be a problem to sell your current home. Always good to know exactly what you want. I've reviewed listings of hundreds of perfectly nice houses that I never seriously considered. That makes it take longer - but it does protect you from numerous unnecessary disappointments. The One is out there - I'm sure of it!