16 January 2011

Quick Takes -- the Sunday Edition

1. I had a fantastic visit with Dr. Nora on Friday. Mr. JB and I had the day off to write report cards so he was able to go with me. He said that he was impressed with her and he got the same good vibe that I get from her. She's happy that my hormones are looking better and she wants to see what the results are from my Peak +7 are for the next couple of months to see if our treatment regimen is working -- I hope it is since it is costing me a FORTUNE!

2. I had the worst visit to the lab Friday morning. Even though Dr. T wasn't pressing for the results, I wanted to get the insulin resistance blood work done. I was excited that there was a new lab very close to my house, so I went there instead of the lab close to my school. Big mistake. I waited an hour and a half to get seen and I was late for my appointment with Dr. Nora. To top it off, they dropped one of the fasting samples so I had to go back yesterday morning for another blood draw. I had three blood draws in three days. My arms make me look like a drug addict.

3. I am having a love affair with Mexican food. Mr. JB and I discussed going to a Mediterranean restaurant close to our house, but after getting the phone call from the lab about their accident, I needed something big to cheer me up. We went to our favourite Mexican restaurant and we weren't disappointed. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

4. I decided not to have a birthday party this year, for the first time in a LONG time. We're going to go to the Mexican restaurant mentioned about with my fertile best friend, her husband, an old friend of Joseph's and us. I don't really want to acknowledge turning 36.

5. A couple of yoga girlfriends and I are heading to the spa in February. I really wanted to go and I knew that when I brought up the idea with these girlfriends that at least a couple would be interested. I went with some friends from my old school before school started and I have been planning a return ever since. I can't wait until February 21st.

5. Our house looks so sad now that all the Christmas decorations have been taken down. Our basement hallway is full of boxes of decorations that Mr. JB has to tuck back underneath the stairs.

6. We finally have snow! It's bitterly cold right now, but for two weekends in a row we've gotten a huge dumping of the white stuff. Apparently we have as much snow at this point in the winter than we did all of last year! I love snow so much. I just wish that I drove a bigger car so I felt safer driving in it.

7. I hate writing report cards. I didn't do any work Friday or Saturday, so I spent three hours of my Sunday on the computer. Not fun. I wish that I could teach without having to worry about marks! I did most of the easy subjects and I left the hard stuff for when I'm more in the mood.

I need to go to bed! With my higher dose of H.ydrocort I don't feel the need to take an afternoon nap. I haven't been getting to bed as early as I want to, but I need all my rest if I am going to get everything done this week!


  1. I love snow too..shocker...I know! :) Umm...Mexican food, so, so, so, very yummy. Is Doc N a napro doc, sorry if you said this already, I was just curious what the difference between Doc N and Doc T was? Have a great week!

  2. Yeahh for Dr. Norah, Spa's and Mexican food!!!! Oh gosh, there is not much I like more then a good spa day with girls. I am so sorry they dropped your sample, the only thing worse then fasting is fasting twice!!!! Good luck on the report cards, and I would like to say something sounds different in your voice (or key strokes) something like a little more energy or something?

  3. I have been thinking about you. :) Yea for a good doctor's visit, yummy Mexican, and a spa day (really jealous about that one). I do hope you have a wonderful, quiet birthday.

  4. I will be 36 too in February and want to celebrate it quietly too. Probably Mexican and a movie. (I am shocked they have Mexican restaurants in Canada, I mean they are on every corner here!

    I am crazy jealous of the spa day with yoga friends, what an awesome day that will be - I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself!

    Wahhh to the decor. I hate taking ours down too, and hate that wondeful smell of the tree leaving :(

  5. I have been working on report cards this weekend too...geez...and I know what you mean about marks...I realized this weekend that I have a few students getting "D"'s and one is really close to failing math. I'll have to turn in their names and hopefully get them some tutoring. I'm thankful our report cards are all online now so all I had to do is type in their marks and on Tuesday I can send it to report card status.

    That's great news about your hormones being in check....I have to get mine tested..I'll probably wait until summer when I have more time to run to get b/w done.

    We have snow today too....I'm thankful we are off today so I can look at it and not have to drive in it!

  6. I hope the new treatment regimen pays off! It's so nice to hear that things are looking GOOD.

  7. oh a spa day! how lovely! I also love Mexican food.. :)

  8. They HAD to drop a vial of blood from a fasting test.

    I have a yoga question. I have tried to start MANY times but every tape I buy looks so hard I get scared. Do you have any tips for me???