23 January 2011

What a difference a day makes....

Thank God for a new day.

Not only am I completely embarrassed that at almost 36 I had to nurse a wicked hangover, I also neglected so many things around my house because of my state yesterday. I was lucky to wake up, full of energy and I did so much to make up for it.

So here's what I did:

1) Weatherstripped the windows (my not so handy hubs said he would do it in November and I was sick and tired of waiting so I just did it). It was remarkably easy and I wish that I did it earlier. I didn't realize how drafty our windows were!

2) I finished my report cards. All I had to do was enter marks and comments for the Social Studies unit that I finished on Friday, so it was a quick job. I have to print them out and proofread them before I hand them in to the principal. I am so relieved.

3) I finished the laundry and did some hand washing. I hate washing things by hand, but I seem to own way too many delicate pieces of clothing!

4) I purged and tidied up my bathroom vanity. I also packed up large bag of toiletries that I put on Free.cycle.

5) I packed up and listed a whole bunch of stuff on Free.cycle. I had clothes, shoes, bags and hangers that I wanted to give away. Most of the stuff is already spoken for so I am so glad to free my house of more clutter!

6) I went to yoga. A Sunday evening must.

I still have a ton of paperwork to tackle in preparation of tax season. I offered to do my parents' taxes as well since it isn't that difficult. All I have to do is buy a $20 computer program and I can do four sets of returns. They've been paying their accountant way too much money to do them and I know that their return won't be difficult.

It's CD4 and I am so glad that I don't have to take F.emara anymore! It made my cramps worse and it seems like my hormones are better off of it -- does that make sense? I've been doing a lot of thinking about adoption and our TTC journey lately. I feel like I'm at a crossroads right now and I need to make some decisions. The biggest thing that has been on my mind is the question of international vs. public domestic adoption (particularly through the Ch.ildren's A.id Soci.ety). I've been praying a lot lately since this discernment is not going to be easy.

Could I request some prayers please?

p.s. I am so glad that the S.teelers are going to the S.uperbowl. Mr. JB is a HUGE fan and if they lost he would've been unbearable! I really don't like NFL football, but I love my husband so I have to show my support! :)


  1. Hahah - I hear you about the Steelers and football! ;) Glad your day went so well, those energetic days are awesome! And I can't believe you offered to do your parent's taxes - you are a saint! I can barely get my own done!

  2. What a fantastic productive day!

    Makes sense to me about the femerra, it boosts your estrogen, which irritates any little endo patches that you have.

    I think more research is in order! Every international adoption that I know of has been very expensive, like over 50k and none of the babies get to Canada until they are toddlers. But, I'm no expert!

    On the domestic front, I know a couple that have adopted 3times, a baby who was just born, and two year old twins.

    Regardless, I think that because of you and mr.jb's occupation and your religious beliefs that you would be excellent candidates for adoption.

    Hope this week is better

  3. Don't worry, I am sure soon the "crossroad" you are experiencing will be lifted and you will know which adoption to choose and that both yourself and DH are the most comfortable with. Actually, meeting and talking with the folks involved in the process of both of these adoptions never hurt as they can really provide you with alot of info..some you might already know and some you might not even be aware of. Maybe that might help you make a better informed decision in respect to this path.

    WOw, you did alot! now that is what i call being productive!

  4. Hangovers do suck, but it looks like you made up for a lost day with your incredible productive day on Sunday :).
    Good luck with the adoption decision - it's not an easy one. In fact, I'm pretty relieved that the decision was pretty much made for us, which type of adoption to pursue. There were so many options b/w international and all the different countries, domestic public, domestic private - it can make your head spin!

  5. Hmm, not sure how to feel about Mr JB being a fan of a RAPIST, but anyway... ;P Doesn't matter to me since I'm a Giants fan and they weren't in the running this year.

    I will certainly pray about your discernment in adoption proceedings. Such a fun thing to pray about!!

  6. Girl, please.

    I hope I still get a wicked hangover (albeit VERY infrequently) when I'm 80!


  7. Last August, I went to a wedding with my DH and his work friends. We were out of town and I thought I would make the most of the weekend. I drank WAAAAYY too much. The drive home the next day was horrible because I was sick...and I too am almost 36. I haven't been sick like that since I can't remember when. I had a really good time up until I got sick. Every once in a GREAT GREAT while, it's worth it to go a little overboard...I wouldn't suggest going as far as I did, but while on a break, live it up!

    And you made up for the next day anyway, so you're ahead of the game!

  8. Well hello Mrs. Productive!

    I would be happy to pray about that discernment for you.