18 January 2011

Crankbox JellyBelly

Yet another list of why I am the grumpiest infertile in Southern Ontario:

1) I know that a BIG part of my grumpiness is report card stress. They really aren't that difficult to do, but I HATE doing them. I hate it that I'm crusty to my class because I'm stressed and I hate even more that I spend so much time on the computer doing the darned things! Argh!

2) It also doesn't help that my house is a DISASTER!!! Mr. JB promised that he would put all the decorations under the stairs in the basement, but he's been busy (well, more like busy procrastinating, but he did make a delicious dinner tonight!) as well with reports. As I sit at my desk I feel like I'm being overrun with paperwork! When these reports are done I am filling a box of old bills and recycling and I am heading over to my fertile bf's house to burn it in her fireplace!!!

3) It's raining. I really hope that the promised freezing rain doesn't come in the morning. I don't mind driving in the snow, but freezing rain is never fun. I also hate it that so much of the snow has melted. It's so dreary when everything is gray.

4) My class has been a bit crazy the past couple of days. I had one kid away on an extended vacation and since his return the balance in my class has been off. I even had the VP talk to him and he doesn't seem to care. I know that my patience is worn thin because of reports, but this kid just doesn't care! Argh!

5) My hairdresser was let go on Saturday after my hair cut. I was in a bit of a panic since he wasn't sure where he was going to continuing cutting hair (for those of you that don't know, I drive an hour to get my hair cut, he's so great and I trust him implicitly). I was glad that we decided that I was going to grow my hair out so at least I didn't have to see him sooner. I got a F.acebook message from him today telling me that he has found a new salon that is slightly closer (well about ten minutes, but it's something). Okay, I'm really happy about the new salon, but I was really concerned about having to find someone new to cut my hair!

6) The repairs from Mr. JB's accident cost $9000!!! There was no way that we could've afforded to cover that out of pocket! I haven't looked at the itemized bill, but I had no idea that it would cost that much! I hope and pray that our insurance doesn't skyrocket!

7) Mr. JB and I had a huge fight last night about his dad smoking cigars (yes, the one who had the collapsed lung). He told me that his dad wanted to smoke the last cigar that he gave him for Christmas and I lost my mind. I couldn't believe that someone that had just spent three days in a hospital getting his lung re-inflated would even consider smoking anything ever again! Then Mr. JB (who promised to stop smoking cigars after his dad's episode) said that he wanted to smoke cigars on his guys weekend in July. I LOST MY MIND. I told him that in no uncertain terms that cigar smoking is now banned in this house. If his brother wants to smoke cigars here in the summer he has to go to the park down the street. I'm so done with these ridiculous bad habits!!! 

Well, I do have a couple of good things that I keep on forgetting to post about:

1) I have 20/20 vision! I saw the optometrist last week and I can see perfectly! He doesn't foresee any problems, but he did say that if I notice any changes that I must contact him right away. It is truly a miracle that I can see perfectly without glasses!!!

2) While talking to Dr. Nora last week she mentioned that surgery in PA with Dr. S would be much cheaper than surgery with Dr. H. It would cost us $12 000 if our provincial health care doesn't cover it with Dr. H and only $5000 with Dr. S. Now that's a HUGE difference! I'm going to wait and see what our provincial health care says before I start to make plans, but going to PA is much more convenient. We could drive there which would save so much money AND I may have had an offer from one of my favourite IF bloggers to stay at her house! (Don't worry Hebrews, I may still take you up on your offer if we end up your way!).

3) I got half of my laser eye surgery refund from our insurance. I almost had a heart attack because I thought that they weren't going to process my claim through Mr. JB's insurance as well, but they said that it was going to happen in the next day or so. I hate having $4000 on my credit card and I don't want to pay interest on it!!!

I really hope that tomorrow is a better day. I hate being grumpy!!! It's probably PMS to top it all off...


  1. I'm SURE it's PMS, sweetie.
    It sounds like it.

    As an ex-smoker, I totally agree. BLECH!
    Smoking is NASTY.
    (Not to mention it killed my father.)

  2. Not to fuel your fire, but you should let mr jb know that smoking affects the swimmers, my bf's dh quit smoking and his count quickly rose, and they went from having sperm issues to no sperm issues. I hope you got his swimmers tested, it's a team effort, after all the egg DNA will only grow those embryos to day 3, it's the DNA of the sperms that takes the embryos to day 5 and implantation.

    9k! Oh no! My insurance allows me one accident every ten years without raising my rates, I hope yours is like that too!

    Goodluck with those cards!

  3. Sorry about feeling yucky! Hope you get the report cards done soon, I hate when things are hanging over my head as well!

    Can I ask if you are thinking of going to dr. steg.man in PA. I was just wondering b/c I was referred to him and another MD...if so, did you hear good thing about him?

  4. It sure sounds like pms...i was quite emotional and teary eyed this past week and now i'm fine. Don't worry after a good night sleep tomorrow you will hopefully feel much better! I think a little retail therapy or mani/pedi is in order!

  5. Yo, I hear you on the cigar smoking. My husband does this and said he would quit after a likely spell of whooping cough but now threatens to go back to it. I think it's lame, dangerous, and damned inconsiderate.

  6. Smoking is disgusting and incomprehensible. My husband was a serious smoker (cigarettes) when we got married, but, praise God, finally quit last June. I think his horrifying imaginings about the condition of his sperm were a contributing factor :). I hate the habit and I especially hate that someone I love would deliberately destroy his health.

    On the other hand...I know PMS doesn't make it any easier to deal with :).

  7. I am with you on hating report cards! Ugh...the worst times of the year! Hopefully you are almost done, at least for a few weeks!

  8. REPORT CARDS=BLAH! Parent conferences=Hell! Those are worse!

    I must admit, I love the smell of cigars but man are they bad for you. I would have put up the same fight, if it makes you feel any better.

    9,000 for the car fix...Wowsers!

    So happy to hear about your eyes. I could so use that surgery but I'm too much of a wuss. I think that if I did it, my odds would be bad! ha

  9. So sorry about the massive repair bill - I'm really hoping your insurance has an accident forgiveness policy!
    So glad to hear you have a much cheaper option for surgery! That is great news!!

  10. JB - so sorry about all this! Report cards - ugh! I always hated those when I was teaching in the schools. (Now I teach private lessons - piano.) Anyway, Dr. S. is amazing. I'm scheduling a second surgery with him soon - robotic assisted, unless he can't get to everything. Maybe that's something he can do with you? Sending prayers your way!