19 June 2010

Numb *Updated with DHEA question


I'm not surprised since my Napro doc and my naturopath saw blood in my urine when they tested for my UTI. I'm disappointed nonetheless.

But on the bright side, I can get my hormone and ultrasound panel done before I start working in July AND I can get my thyroid and Vitamin D blood work (along with my FSH and other assorted items that were checked off on my blood requisition). I have to thank Sew and Barbie for sending me a link for getting my adrenals tested. I'm going to save a TON getting it done at a lab in the States!

I didn't mention that my Napro doc is changing my post-Peak protocol for the next two cycles. I'm still on the triple dose of F.emara (but only for two more cycles, since apparently one can't be on such a high dose for long) and she wants to decrease my HCG to three needles rather than four. My dosage is still the same, but I only have to inject on Peak +3, +5, and +9. My progesterone level is really good, it's my estrogen that's still low.

In May (the "Oops, I didn't mix the HCG properly month") my estrogen was 209 and my progesterone was 101 (again, sorry, I don't know the units. In June my estrogen was 253 and my progesterone was 200.5.

Does anyone out there have a tip on how to boost estrogen levels? My Napro doc mentioned that my estrogen would've been lower this month because of the lack of HCG. She also wanted to try progesterone (either via lozenge or vaginally) again, but I told her that I would LOSE MY MIND if I went off of HCG. It was pretty funny since Mr. JB piped up and said that on HCG my PMS was so much better.

Lastly, my thyroid was checked when I first did my hormone panel in April 2008. Who knows if anything changed since my surgeries. My money is on my adrenals being wonky. My naturopath put me on an adrenal support since December 2009 because I was sick for so long (I had a cold for FOUR months!). I've also dealt with a heck of a lot of infection in the past year so my immune system has been working overtime.

For those of you out there that have adrenal issues, what is your doctor doing for you?

Anyhow, I need to get my infertile butt in gear. We're headed to Mr. JB's dad's place for the night and I'm still wearing my yoga clothes from this morning!


Update: While Mr. JB was driving to the country I did some research on Dr. Google (I know, bad, bad JellyBelly!). It seems like DHEA is used to treat low estrogen (if anyone out there has any experince with DHEA, you're welcome to correct me, I was reading on the tiny screen of my i.Phone!). Is anyone out there on DHEA?

Waaaaay back when I started my blog someone recommended DHEA to me and I've always had it in the back of my head. Now, after having my surgeries I know that it wouldn't have helped since my pelvis was a mess, but I'm wondering what if it would help now.



  1. Sorry that CD1 has made its arrival. I am really curious about the adrenal testing. I will have to contact Sew and Barbie about it. As far as estrogen goes - I don't know much about that, mine was a bit low too, but we are in the wait and see mode for at least this month and possibly next. (I have been having some wonky cycles due to stress.) Have a good time at Mr JB's dad's house.

  2. Sorry about CD1. :-( CD1's are like Mondays--they suck every time they come around and I wish we could have them banned! I don't have any advice on the estrogen, but hopefully your Napro doc will be able to get to the bottom of some of this and get you some answers. Keep on fighting the good fight, girl! :-)

  3. I take hydrocort for the adrenal fatigue.

  4. Sorry to hear about cd 1, but it really seems like you are on the cusp of possibly fixing some very important issues.

    I took 10 mg hydrocortisone for adrenal fatigue and, unlike some Hilgers patients who did it differently, my dose was only in the morning. My adrenals were really low too. It was really bad. All I know is my protocol worked wonders. I felt normal for the first time in a long time and I do think it had something to do with me conceiving.

    My doctor warned me that if my adrenals were my missing puzzle piece, it could take many months to work and it did - I was on it for eight months. Although it "worked" as far as making feel better right away.

  5. That PMS is interesting too....Because the HCG worked for a few months but then stopped working for me and the RAGING PMS started to make its way back in....That is a sign of hypothyroidism.... ;) It could be a sign with the adrenals too but I'm slowly learning about them.

    I feel the same, HCG is like safety net or something...I.love.it. It's gentle, yet effective! ha!

  6. As usual, I have no advice, but I am sorry about CD1. :(

  7. I want to say that DHEA, I COULD BE WRONG, but I remember having a conversation with a blogger, she had low DHEA and it was connected somehow to her adrenals.

    The only thing that helps get my estrogen up was HCG.

    I'm sorry about CD1. :( Boo.

    I don't know where I heard this from but my understanding of the whole adrenals, thyroid, hormones thing is this:

    Adrenals run the thyroid
    Thyroid runs the hormones

    Sorry if I'm wrong...I'm tired, blaming it all on being tired.

  8. I love Dr. Sew!! Keep it coming!!!!

  9. I have no idea about the DHEA of any other blood tests...but I'm sorry to hear about CD1. I hate that!

  10. I am so glad that hcg is helping with your pms! It was like a dream come true for me :) The only bad thing I found about it was now that my progesterone levels were higher, the harder the fall when cd1 started. I would really feel pregnant and be full of hope!! I had never had good progesterone levels so having them drop when a new cycle would start was so much harder for me emotionally, I don't know if that is the same for you!
    I would love to know the right answer to the dhea question. I hope you post about it after you find out.
    Have a nice time with your FIL, I hope the visit goes well!
    By the way, praying for you, cd1 are just the pits :((

  11. Sorry about CD 1. I don't know anything about raising estrogen levels, since hormones are one thing that I haven't had issues with. I don't really know much about DHEA other than it can raise testosterone levels (in women) if they are too low.

    Have a good time at Mr. JB's dad's house.

  12. Dhea can raise testosterone in women and estrogen in men.
    DHEA is an adrenal hormone and is very important for fertility. You will want to see what your DHEA is before supplementing it though.

    And sew is right, usually the fall starts with adrenals, then thyroid then for alot of people sex hormones..so you need to fix them in that order
    sex hormones

  13. DHEA - I know a few women who have used DHEA to treat poor egg quality before IVF cycles, it takes 3 months apparently to work and can be brought here in Toronto - my reality used it - so chat with her.

    Estrogen also encourages endo growth so i didn't take it.

  14. I took DHEA at first when I started the hydrocortisone, but I stopped it after a while, probably because I just didn't get around to buying more. My dr said it was all part of helping get my adrenals back to normal, but I don't remember exactly why.

  15. PPVI told me that DHEA is a "parent hormone" that can influence production of a # sex hormones. I took it briefly for TEBB.

  16. CD 1 sucks. Sorry. :(

    You could take oral estradiol with the HcG, I have seen that.

    When I had my hormonal profile last summer, my DHEA was low but I didn't get a chance to supplement because I had surgery then got pg. I am wondering now if that made my pregnancy more difficult.

    Keep us posted on the lab results!

  17. My former doctor considered my DHEA level by itself as well as my DHEA to cortisol ratio to determine adrenal fatigue. I would definitely get your DHEA levels checked before starting because I was told that an excess of DHEA supplements can lead to unwanted side effects.

  18. Sorry about CD1. I don't have any advice, but I'm learning a lot from the comments! Hopefully you find the answers you need.

  19. Sorry about it being CD1 :(. (Well, or CD a couple at this point!) Nice on getting all that bloodwork requisitioned - I like it when I have all the numbers pinpointed at the same time, and repeated regularly, so I feel like I have some idea of what's going on. Whether I'm right or not is another question entirely...