21 June 2010

Is there life after F.emara?

I just started my third go of F.emara.

Yay CD3!!!!

My Napro doc said that I can only do two more cycles on such a high dose. I can't remember why, but I know that it isn't good. Perhaps it has to do with boosting estrogen and it being bad for endo regrowth.

And we definitely don't want to have the endo grow back.

Btw, I've had some pretty bad cramps, not like the pre-surgery cramps, but bad enough to take some A.dvil, three times.

I definitely don't want to go back on C.lomid since it made me a stark raving maniac AND it made my periods very painful.

Are there any other ovulation-inducing drugs out there that I haven't tried?

I had my day 3 blood taken after school. I tried to avert my eyes since I'm not the biggest fan of needles, but I think there were four vials. Since I had the "works" done, it was more than what the technicians take when I get my Peak +7 or just FSH taken. I cannot wait to hear the results!

Is it sick and twisted to wish that there is something else wrong with me????

p.s. I'm convinced that something is going on with my hormones. I'm definitely feeling much better than I did yesterday and AF is definitely heavier today (sorry, TMI). It's almost as if a cloud has lifted. Don't worry, I'm not assuming that I've passed the worst and that I don't need some outside help to deal with my emotional health. I don't think that I can grow a baby inside of me if I am an emotional wreck inside. That would be toxic.

p.p.s. Still no response from my maid of honour. I'd like to believe that she's going to respond, but who knows. Mr. JB says that her response is going to be a gauge to see if I maintain the friendship. I'm not sure what to think, but I hope that she doesn't disappoint me, yet again.


  1. Femara can cause bone issues with long term use...so, that's probably why. It's actually thought that Femara can help endo, so, feel good about that! :)

  2. I don't think it's a coincidence that you felt the lowest emotionally right at the end of one cycle/beginning of the next. It seems like that should reveal something about your hormones. And of course it's not weird to hope for something to be wrong.. as long as it's fixable, which thyroid is. And maybe the reason the ovulation meds haven't worked is because something else, like thyroid or adrenals, needs to be fixed. That was my problem! I could have taken tamoxifen til the cows came home and it wouldn't have mattered. And then once those things were fixed, I didn't even need an ovulation drug. I really, really hope that happens for you!!

  3. i moved on to injectibles (gonal f) after femara didn't work... so yes, there is life after! but... mine involved needles.

  4. I was also told that femera can "thin out" your lining, and the whole endo thing. Injectibles would be the next step after femera but that would also involve closer monitoring (ultra sounds) to make sure not too many eggs are ovulating so that you don't become octomom. And if you don't mind injecting it's a good option (it will spike up that estrogen level)!

  5. I get hoping something else is wrong, because if there is, it can be identified and corrected right?! I hate being in limbo land not knowing whats wrong so therefore not being able to fix it.

    I hope they find whatever the issue is, or that this cycle works...one of the two!

  6. I would guess that injectables are probably your next option. I don't know of any other pill ovulation inducers. I would definitely think that hormones are at least a part of how you've been feel down. Good luck and I'm praying for you.

  7. I finally looked up Femara because I had no idea what it was for, and it seems to be for postmenopausal women. And the websites (more than one) cautioned taking it if you were trying to get pregnant since it was linked to miscarriage. Soooo, fill me in on why you would be taking it...it never came up when I was taking meds. I took Clomid for awhile, but didn't have any results. Just fill me in if you get a chance.

  8. I was also going to say injectibles. The side effects of those for me were nothing at all like clomid. But the closer monitoring is kind of a pain.