15 June 2010


I just finished my report cards.

Praise the Lord!!!!

And now I can go back to my regular life!


Btw, any advice on how I can convince my Napro doctor on Thursday to test my thyroid and my adrenals? Any other questions that I should ask my doctor?

If I wasn't so tired I'd do a happy dance, but instead I'm going to snuggle into my couch and fall asleep!


  1. Tell your doctor you want to and you won't feel happy until he's ordered the tests! Insist on it - he's working for you, after all!
    Congrats on finishing your report cards :).

  2. Oh, and I'm not saying you should lie, but you could tell him that you just found out a sister/mom/other close relative has thyroid/adrenal problems :).

  3. Congrats on finishing!!

    Good luck at your appointment. I agree with callmemama about telling him you won't be happy unless he's ordered all the tests you want done. Prayers being sent!

  4. I would insist. I pushed my doctor to test my adrenals and they wound up being very low. Does your doctor value prayer in making medical decisions? You could explain that you really feel led to test for them (my one doctor took that very seriously if I were to tell him that). And clearly you are feeling led to it.

    Thyroid is a pretty basic thing to test for though, isn't it? I couldn't imagine that they'd deny you that. Adrenals are a little lesser understood so that might be harder. Are you tired all the time? Sluggish? Get dizzy when you stand up? Maybe you've thought of this already, but I'd check to see what symptoms you have and bring them up as proof you need to be tested. Good luck!

  5. fantastic about the cards! I know with my REs I could ask for whatever testing/protocols stuff I wanted, and if it's just testing - it doesn't hurt to do it? After all it's your body, and you know best

  6. Congrats!!!!! I always ask my doctors to just appease me. Tell them any symptoms you have. They usually cooperate. I agree with the first commenter, if they dont agree, insist. You are paying them, you are the customer. You have every right.

  7. Ask for it for peace of mind.

    And if the doc won't order it and you have a requisition for something else, you can always check the extra boxes yourself. . .

  8. Adrenals by doctors are drawn at one time in the morning at (I think) 8 or 9am. To test the adrenals properly you need to do it 4x's a day. Can your natropath doctor do it? :) It's where you spit in a cup 4x's a day.....

    She should test your thyroid just because! What will it kill her just ask her...Beg, plead and tell her it's the last to be checked....I totally agree with Callmemama....Do what you can to get those tests...

    Plus I was watching Dr. Oz and I haven't googled it yet but those that have an autoimmune issue the adrenals become stressed...Interesting....HUH! He is like the Oprah of mainstream doctors! I almost kissed the tv screen!

    But your best bet is adrenals with your natropath...You can self order test online...Let me know if you want them...

    Congrats on the report cards!

  9. She should be able to test your thyroid to I would suspect....?

  10. I second all the commenters thus far! Get it checked! I am finally get mine checked this month!

  11. Enjoy a LONG nap - you deserve it!

  12. Yea!

    You could threaten to send your crazy blogger posse after him/her if there's no testing. I mean, would you want to be in a dark alley with some of these girls? :) Either that or what other people suggested.

    Enjoy your breather.

  13. Sew is right on about your adrenal test. the 1 x blood test isn't enough.

    also when you test thyroid you want these: MAKE sure you get these....the FREE T3 is VERY important.

    Free T3
    Free T4

  14. Congrats! In response to your earlier post, I know how hard it is to hear news of other people's pregnancies. I still get upset even though I have somewhat graduated to the other side. Best of luck at your appointment and definitely demand from your doc everything you want. It can't hurt to ask. 

  15. YAY! maby just say that you really feel like getting your thyroid checked and just want to cover all your bases while your getting your blood work done.