10 March 2011

Two more sleeps & A question only an IF girl can ask

I can almost smell the beach!

After a long, cold winter (which I'm sure will give us at least one more blast before spring, I do live in Canada after all!) Mr. JB and I are leaving for the D.ominican Re.public on Saturday. We've never gone to an all-inclusive resort before, but I think it is exactly what I need to get myself back on track.

I realize that most working people have only a few weeks of vacation per year and I admire each and every one of you that do, but since working most of last summer I am exhausted! I was wondering why I was feeling so miserable and I know it's because I haven't had a proper break. I'm trying not to worry about what we could've used the money that we spent on (hmm, like the kitchen renovation we want to do, or perhaps replacing the gross carpet we have upstairs...) and I'm trying to focus on appreciating the fact that we are going to go somewhere where the main focus is doing nothing.

I know that it may not come as a surprise, but I'm not good at doing nothing.

I have quite a few books, my i.Pod loaded with music and quite the sleep debt that I need to take care of, so at least I have some "projects" while I soak in that vitamin D!

I'm so glad that we're going away early on in the Lenten season. I already have visions of myself getting some good prayer time while taking walks on the beach. There's also a fitness facility where I'm sure I will get some good praying done while on the Stair.Master (yes, I love that machine, am I strange?).

I could feel my mood lifting today and I could sense my class was calmer because I wasn't acting all stressed out. After the craziness of last week the kids have remembered how to behave and we had no visits with the principal. I'm hoping that we can cruise to the end of June with good behaviour!

And now for my question: I knew that I couldn't leave IF at home and I will have to do my HCG injections while we're away. My body cooperated by Peaking a little later (gotta love late ovulation!) and it will be Peak +3 on Saturday. I'm thinking that I'm going to wait until P +4 to start the injections since I don't want to travel with an open vial of medication.

I have never traveled with syringes before and I'm a little concerned about what will happen when we go through the checks at the airport. I'm already picturing my bag being checked thoroughly and having to explain that I'm infertile and that's why I have the drug paraphernalia. I definitely don't want to put the HCG in my suitcase just in case my luggage gets lost. Do any of you have any advice? Should I bring my prescription or will the labeled box of HCG be enough?

Thanks in advance!


  1. I'd bring your prescription just in case. And you ENJOY the heck out of that vacation!!! All inclusive is amazing, you feel rich because you never pay for anything.

    ENJOY every second. You earned this!

  2. Oooohh....enjoy that vacation doing nothing! We're heading to the Bahamas in April, and I just can't WAIT! I might be inclined to give the airlines a call before you leave and ask what to do with the syringes. You can't possibly be the only one with this issue...there are millions of diabetics around. I'm sure it will work out just fine...and your vacation will be marvellous.
    Have fun!

  3. We always packed Grant's prescriptions in the checked luggage. But I know you are allowed to bring it, I would have my script on hand just in case! :) Have FUN!!!

  4. I traveled recently with HCG and my syringes. They never asked anything. I did bring my actual prescription justin case. I put it in the small ziplock where they make you put anything 3 oz. or less. I took an unopened bottle of HCG and had to travel back with an opened one. We put it on ice, but it was still ruined. Hope this helps! Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy the sunshine!

  5. I had the same fears when we traveled over Thanksgiving last year, but it all worked out.
    I checked with the guards at the checkpoint before I went through the scanners (I didn't want to have to explain after the fact!) and the didn't have any problems with it. I went through with a boatload of syringes and meds, no one said a thing!
    One guy told me that if any of the other airports gave me trouble that I should ask to speak with a supervisor. I hope that helps some.
    Have fun and ENJOY your vacation and your hubby!

  6. HAVE FUN!!!!! woo hooooo!!!!

  7. Have a great time! Dh and I went to an all inclusive for our honeymoon and it was incredible! Have fun and R-E-L-A-X!!!!
    Sorry, I never traveled with my HCG/vials...cant weigh in.

  8. I started reading this post thinking, "What question would only an infertile ask?" Oh. Yeah. I forgot about how our lives are completely ruled by fertility treatments - that just seems normal now, I guess...good luck getting all your stuff through the airport all right! ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!!

  9. Bring perscription.

    Call your airline and tell them. They will put a note on your name in computer in case there are any problems.

    I WANT to go with you!!!!!

  10. Call the airline your flying with, I did that at Christmas and they were SO helpful with my questions!
    Have a great time!!

  11. I have no idea about the syringes, but all the other advice that was previously offered sounds good to me! Have a FABULOUS time on your vacation!!!

  12. Have a fantastic trip!!!

    If you have the prescription, I would bring it. It is just one less potential hassle.