24 March 2011

St. Joseph, Pray For Us!!!!! *UPDATED

I really hope that our luck is turning around.

I got the listing for the perfect house this morning (our agent has us set up to receive automatic listing from MLS). I yelped for joy when and Mr. JB thought that that I was losing my mind.

Mr. JB called our agent when he got to school and the ball got rolling very quickly. H, our agent, got in touch with the seller's agent and he even got into look at the house. Then he called Mr. JB back and said that he was writing up an offer since the house was that good. H sold us the townhouse that we live in now and he knows how particular I am (he's tried to show us other houses that weren't in our target area and I told him absolutely not).

The house is in our price range. It has three bedrooms. A beautiful backyard AND a hot tub. And, my biggest wish: a two car garage.

It is a family home, without the stress of condo boards and attached neighbours.

Do you think that it's a coincidence that I dug up the adoption paperwork yesterday and then this house came up in the listings?

So, if you have a prayer to spare for us tonight, could you say one to St. Joseph for us? And it wouldn't hurt to say a little one to St. Rose of Lima (who is my patron saint for 2011).

I really hope that our luck is changing, but I also know that a house this good is going to attract more than us. We also have to find $10 000 to secure the house if the sellers accept our offer. We have the money, but it may be difficult to access it all in the time frame that we have. 

St. Joseph, pray for us!!!


Update: Of course, this had to go down with some drama!

The seller's agent didn't have her pager on she she didn't know that we were putting an offer in. While our agent was trying to get a hold of her, another offer was put in. Our agent had us increase our offer to asking -- $499 800. Our original offer was $490 000. Our only conditions are financing and a home inspection.

Mr. JB secured a loan for the $10 000 with our bank -- and it was surprisingly easy.

So our agent won't be able to present our offer until tomorrow. I hope that is early enough in the day so I won't be on pins and needles. This current offer expires at 8pm tomorrow.

Keep those prayers coming! I want this house!!!!


  1. This is some fantastic news! I really hope it comes through for you! If I remember about deposits, I think you have a week before you give them the cheque, keep us posted!!!!

  2. That is all wonderful news, I will say a couple prayers for you, hoping it all happens for you and your luck continues to flow. Xoxoxo

  3. Sounds wonderful! I'll say my prayers for your special intention tonight.

  4. Oh how exciting! I hope this works out for you! I will pray...

  5. Exciting! Hope tomorrow goes well!

  6. Very exciting!! I will add your intention to my evening rosary. St. Joseph, pray for JB!!!!

  7. I will be praying to St. Joseph and St. Rose for you!! Good Luck!!

  8. Prayers for you! A new home would be exciting! It seems like a lot of bloggers are buying houses and moving lately. There must be something in the air!

  9. St. Joseph YOU NEVER Let a family down! This is your HOUSE. That's what I am going to be saying/praying until you get the keys!!!!!

    I am so happy for you right!!!

  10. Prayers for you for sure! SO exciting - and digging up the adoption paperwork? Doubly exciting!

  11. Sending big prayers your way!!! St. Joseph, keep JB's family and dreams for this new home in your care!. Amen.

  12. Wow! You're totally going to move into a house before I am. It's OK, though, I won't be jealous :). What are you going to do with respect to selling your townhouse? Or will you keep it and rent it?

    Will say prayers to St. Joseph for you :).

  13. there is life aside from IF..Good for you for getting the house you want and living your life the way you want too! Good luck! update us as soon as the deal is sealed!

  14. An update! Okay, keep us posted, real estate drama is so very exciting (and hard!).

  15. St. Joseph please help my friend get this house!!


  16. How exciting! I hope you get the house!

  17. I just want to throw in that we recently bought a house. We bid on 4 houses that we lost in bidding wars before the RIGHT one came along. It was listed WAY over what we could afford...but because the market had turned we GOT it WAY below what it was worth. Had we won those other ones we would have payed more and had less of a house! Wow!

    So, sometimes it is all in preparation for that RIGHT HOUSE for the RIGHT PRICE!!! Prices here have gone down a lot. How is it there? You are buying a house is a buyer's market! So this is great.

    Don't let any agent tell you you have to bid higher or be in a "war" right now. The market is on your SIDE!!!!!!!!!!

    And, deals DO fall through.

    Big time prayers for you.

    JUST THE RIGHT house is out there. I KNOW, KNOW, KNOW IT.